RMS Beauty “Re” Evolve Radiance Locking Primer Review

RMS Beauty “Re” Evolve Radiance Locking Primer Review

The mind behind RMS beauty is Rose-Marie Swift who has been in the beauty industry for more than three decades. She has worked with tons of actors, models and magazines which led her to curate this brand 12 years ago. The products are made from living ingredients, making the experience exclusive and beautiful. All the products by RMS are multi-purpose and easy to use. RMS beauty products cover a wide range of skin tones and types.

RMS Beauty “Re” Evolve Radiance Locking Primer Review

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The products are made to accommodate the fast-paced world wherein can't find time to do long skincare routines. They are made to provide the best results with the least effort. The natural, unique ingredients of the product are responsible for providing care to the skin whilst bringing out one’s best features. Their packaging is reusable and designed conveniently with the least wastage of product. RMS beauty uses no synthetic chemicals or derivatives making it one of the best clean beauty brands in the industry.

My Experience with RMS beauty “re” evolve radiance locking primer

I love doing makeup and I do it daily because of that I have to take extra care of my skin. I have to be careful while choosing my makeup products and one of the most important steps is the base of make-up. It is always a struggle to choose a primer because most of them are heavy on the skin while the ones which are light would not stay for long on the skin.

RMS Beauty “Re” Evolve Radiance Locking Primer

I WAS SURPRISED BY THE CONSISTENCY when I came across RMS beauty re-evolve radiance locking primer. I was skeptical if it would stay on for a whole day but let me tell you that the results will amaze you. It has a gel-like texture and the formula locks the moisture within the skin keeping it hydrated and works as an efficient barrier between the skin and makeup. I have been using it as a base for my makeup and it really gives a uniform look to the skin. It leaves me with a subtle glow and keeps the make-up intact even in humid weather.

RMS Beauty “Re” Evolve Radiance Locking Primer Review

I use 2-3 drops on my face and then spread it evenly over the face, this makes my makeup look flawless and beautiful. The primer also comes off easily with skin wipes or baby oil. I haven't had any reactions or break-outs after I started using the product. And I have sensitive skin so it's very rare for a product to suit me.

It has hyaluronic acid which keeps the skin hydrated and the vegetable squalane controls oil production. It is also paraben and sulphate-free which makes it a great choice for sensitive skin. The packaging is refillable which makes it environmentally efficient as well and the process of manufacturing is cruelty-free.

Where To Buy It?

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