Sisley Paris Double Tenseur Review

Sisley Paris Double Tenseur Review

The primer that does it all: double tenseur Sisley

Who said a primer can't treat and perfect? Certainly not Sisley. This light, fluffy primer hides more than you think.

Sisley Paris Double Tenseur Review
Sisley Paris Double Tenseur

This moisturizing and refreshing gel instantly leaves you with lifted and smoothed skin. Using powerful botanicals such as oat seed extract creates an impenetrable stretchy “3D” mesh. Acting like a second skin this protects and perfects your natural surface. The lifting effect lasts all day, making this the perfect makeup base. In addition, signs of fatigue are instantly faded and the skin is ready for the day.

Sisley Paris Double Tenseur Review
What's Inside?

Like most of Sisley's products, it is powered by botanicals. With this wide selection of ingredients, the brand offers one of the most complete primers out there.

-The first step is to tighten the pores and tone the skin: Rhatany extract Lemon extract.

-Multiple extracts that are used to plump, nourish, soothe and boost flexible skin: Oat seed extract, Tiger Nut extract, Cotton extract, Red Vine Extract, and Watercress extract.

Finally, deeply moisturize and plump the skin: Biosaccharide solution, Glycerin of vegetable origin.

Sisley Paris Double Tenseur Review
Forever Multi-Tasking

This primer doubles up as a skincare product. It protects the skin whilst a long-lasting treatment infuses your skin with lifting, anti-ageing actives. Also, I wear the primer on its own or just after my skincare ritual.

You can also use it as a base for makeup. I found it to be an amazing liquid foundation primer. My foundation didn't move all day long and no creases or folds were formed. Funnily enough, I found it easier to remove my foundation at night too.

Sisley Paris Double Tenseur Texture
My Review

For the short term, the results were more on the corrective side. My pores looked blurred and the lines were faint. Overall, I had smoother and brighter skin. But after using this primer daily with my skincare routine, my skin felt tighter and more elastic. The fine lines had disappeared and the skin is baby soft. The primer does not feel heavy and does not leave a residue. My makeup stays put all day. It truly makes the skin look flawless – with or without makeup. Sisley Paris Double Tenseur is suitable for all skin types and I would recommend it to women/men that want to prevent or reduce the loss of firmness.

Where To Buy It?

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