Suqqu Autumn-Winter Makeup Collection Review

Suqqu Autumn-Winter Makeup Collection Review

Always ahead of the game, SUQQU launches its new Autumn/Winter 2022 Colour Collection on the 22nd of July 2022. I decided to give you a cheeky sneak peek into this fiery hot collection you must have next season. And just to let you know, the summer launches from the brand are still my go-to this summer.

Suqqu Autumn-Winter 2022 Collection Review Swatches
Suqqu Autumn – Winter Colour Collection 2022
Suqqu Autumn-Winter Collection Review

When I think of Autumn, I can't help but imagine fiery fallen leaves carpeting the ground. In this collection, SUQQU has selected shades that represent the period with perfection: From green mossy tints, the smooth sky-lit pinks, to the dried-up shade of leaves. It's all there! SUQQU created the collection using their most adored products and a couple of limited additions. Are you ready to journey through the Autumn season? Let's start with the collection of Eyeshadows palettes:

Suqqu Signature Color Eyes 09 Kaorikaze
Suqqu Signature Color Eyes 09 Kaorikaze Review Swatches

This warm, rich palette comprises Honey Gold & Maple Red shades. Highly pigmented, they offer deep red and glistening gold shades that last for hours. These colours are ideal for blue-coloured eyes! You can use them individually or together to create an easy-to-blend, warm golden look.

Suqqu Signature Color Eyes 117 Akiurei
Suqqu Signature Color Eyes 117 Akiurei Review Swatches

Following up is the Akiurei palette. This palette is composed of softer, pale shades and gives you an excellent fresh finish. The Holo Brown & Ash Green shades are part of SUQQU's limited edition. Ideal for a softer look, they highlight the eye's structures by gently reflecting the light. Enriched in fine, smooth pearl powders, they glide onto the lids ever so effortlessly.

Suqqu Nuance Eyeliner 106 Dusty Pink

To finish an eye make-up, what better than a liner?

Suqqu Nuance Eyeliner 106 Dusty Pink Review Swatches

To complete their eye collection SUQQU has also designed a unique and limited edition eyeliner for its SUQQU Autumn-Winter collection. In its soft, grey-pink shade, the liner highlights the eye's natural shape and draws attention to the eyes. Use it for a simple line or something a little more creative this Autumn.

Suqqu Melting Powder Blush 10 Okuhibiki

Who says Autumn – Winter says cool temperatures. It's time for your cheeks to get a tinted blushed effect.

Suqqu Melting Powder Blush 10 Okuhibiki Review Swatches

If you want a natural flush of colours, look no further. With a deep berry red shade, this powder melts onto your skin, leaving a matte finish. Perfect for a natural-looking cheek, this shade is now a permanent shade of the Melting Powder Blush range. With vibrant colours, these blushes have a fast and straightforward application.

Suqqu Pure Colour Blush 132 Momijigari
Suqqu Pure Colour Blush 132 Momijigari Review Swatches

This range offers buildable shades that have a soft gradient of colours. With a vivid vermillion-red shade, this blush was inspired by the multiple shades of autumnal leaves. Blended with a gold pearl powder, it highlights your cheeks. In a limited-edition shade, it joins the iconic Pure Colour Blush range. Suitable for all complexions for flawless skin.

Suqqu Sheer Matte Lipsticks 110 Ayaazuki

Last but not least, we have the lipstick collection. I decided to select just one shade from the SUQQU Sheer Matte Lipsticks.

Suqqu Sheer Matte Lipsticks 110 Ayaazuki Review Swatches

SUQQU decided to go for a shimmered matte finish for the SUQQU Autumn-Winter season collection. This tint is a deep copper red with tiny, delicate gold shimmer particles. Capturing the light naturally perfects your lips. Highly pigmented, you can build up layers to get a smooth, soft finish. Lightweight and non-sticky, you will forget you have it on.

Where To Buy It?

SUQQU Autumn-Winter 2022 Collection is available at:

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