“The Manucurist” Review

“The Manucurist” Review

The Clean and Green Flash Manicure Kit

Have you always wanted those perfectly polished nails but were stopped by most products' high chemical content? Then I have news for you! New on the market, this semi-permanent manicure brand gives professional results from the comfort of your home and all that whilst being as clean as possible.


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What is Green Flash?

You may have yet to hear their name, but The Manucurist has revolutionized the gel nail game. Using a simple 3-step routine, the brand offers an extensive range of colours and kits. The gel polish formula is eco-friendly and has no harmful ingredients. The French brand uses bio-sourced ingredients, which erases the need for petrochemicals. Our planet will thank us later!

You can find multiple kits to fit your needs online, but I am trying out the “expert kit” today. I have listed all the products you can expect to find inside this set and some tips on getting the best results.

MANUCURIST Manicure Nail Kit Review
Step 1: The Protecting Base Coat

An essential step in your gel polish routine allows easy withdrawal. To start your routine, you will want to apply a layer of the base coat. Made from a natural resin, this transparent layer lies on the nail's surface, forming a protective barrier. Why is it so important to use a base coat?

First, it protects your nail from being stained by the pigments and smooths out the nail for a professional finish.

Best natural gel nail polish

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Step 2: Choose Your Colour

The Manucurist semi-permanent nail varnish gives you a professional finish from home comfort. The varnish offers a high-pigment and easy-to-apply shade. However, Green Flash didn't make a choice easy with 68 shades of gel polish. Super easy to work with, this kit is ideal for all levels.

I selected both the classical red shade and the more daring green shade.

-Pink Paradise: Nothing screams elegance like a nice shade of pink varnish. It is a candy pink shade suitable for every season. Easy to apply thanks to the slim brush, this pink shade is perfection.

-Petit pois: Translated, this shade is named after “peas”. I love how vibrant and fun this green shade is. Perfect for the summer seasons, you can use it all over or for details.

MANUCURIST Led Nail Polish Review
Step 3: Finish and Strengthen

The top coat of this gel varnish is the key to getting a long-lasting, no-chip result. This top coat will strengthen, shine and smooth your nail varnish. Semi-permanent polish is much more resistant to chocs than regular ones. The Green Flash nail polishes give you up to 10 days of wear.

How Does The Lamp Work?
MANUCURIST Green Flash 36w Led Lamp Review

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You must catalyze the varnish under The Manucurist LED lamp pro throughout each previous step. Carefully slide your hand under the lamp and let it do its work. The lamp immediately dries the varnish and leaves a hard-set gel. You will find the power and a self-timing button on the top of the machine. The light is guaranteed for two years.

Time To Remove
MANUCURIST Green Flash Nail Polish Remover Review

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All good things must end, and removing your gel varnish has never been so simple. Geen Flash released their very own dissolving water. Apply the water to cotton pads and press against the nail using the withdrawal pliers. Leave for 2-3 minutes, and the varnish will peel off the nail.

Where To Buy It?

The Manucurist Manicure Kit is available at:

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