Clarins SOS Color Correcting Face Primers Review

Clarins SOS Color Correcting Face Primers Review

It's time to discover the plant-based SOS primer collection from Clarins. Whether you want to prep your skin for makeup or wear them alone, they will help correct, perfect, and protect your skin throughout the day.

The SOS Primer Base

Clarins SOS Color Correcting Face Primers Review

Somewhere between skincare and makeup lies the excellent SOS skin primers. Composed of 94% skincare actives, these color-correcting bases instantly perfect your skin tone while targeting specific beauty concerns. The lightweight fluid primers help neutralize imperfections and offer 24-hour hydration to your skin.

What's Inside?

Key ingredients in Clarins SOS primer include:

  • Microbiote Complex:  Rich in nutrient- and marine minerals, this complex comprises Seawater, Chlorella, Laminar extracts, and Saffron flower polyphenols. One of a kind, the complex helps restore balance and protect the skin's microbiome.
  • Anti-Pollution Complex: This powerful trio of Organic White Horehound, Furcellaria, and Nipplewort extract helps to minimize skin aging caused by environmental aggressors.
  • Desert Date: Targets dark spots + imperfections.
  • Beautyberry: Boosts skin's radiance.
Clarins SOS Color Correcting Face Primers Review


Here are some key benefits of using Clarins SOS primer:

  • Color correcting
  • 94% skincare actives
  • Targets specific skin concerns
  • Wear alone or with makeup
  • Plant-based
Clarins SOS Color Correcting Face Primers Review

For Who?

The SOS primer collection comprises five products, each containing a different superplant. Suitable for most skin types (Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily), each primer targets a specific skin concern. Let's take a closer look.

Luminosity | White

This primer is perfect for achieving that fresh-faced, glowy skin. It boosts the skin's luminosity by using Organic Edelweiss Extract. The primer contains white-pearl pigments that reflect light.

Radiance | Pink

This primer works wonders on tired and dull skin. The primer captures light and creates a warm glow to the skin. The light pink primer reduces signs of fatigue by using Beautyberry Extract.

Imperfections | Beige

This primer is a blessing for imperfection-prone skin types. Not only does it correct uneven skin tones, but the Desert date-infused primer also targets dark spots.

Matifying | Purple

The purple-tinted primer was created to blur pores and reduce excess shine. It does this by using Organic Strawberry Tree Fruit Extract. The primer leaves your skin silky, soft, and smooth.

Redness | Green

This primer is great for skin types prone to redness or inflammation. The green-tinted primer conceals redness by using Sclareolide.

Clarins SOS Color Correcting Face Primers Review

My Review

I have been using the Clarins SOS primer for a while now and can't recommend it enough. I use luminosity and imperfection primers, which have helped improve my skin appearance. The primer is super light on the skin and instantly gives you a smoother skin texture. The primers are perfect for preparing your skin for makeup and help prolong your makeup hold. I have worn these bases alone, as the colour-correcting action gives you partial coverage. The SOS primers can be used year-round and will help improve your skin tone. My dullness has faded since using the luminosity primer, and I look much healthier.

The Clarins SOS are by far the best primers I have used. I say this as they have a beautiful texture, and I love the easy tube packaging. Psst make sure to cut open your tube as it gets to the end; there is lots more product inside!

Also, check out the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and Flash Peel, which I enjoyed very much. (review here)

Where To Buy It?

Clarins SOS primers are available at:

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