Dior Capture Youth Skincare Review

Dior Capture Youth Skincare Review

In today's world, there is not just age that impacts how your skin looks, there are external factors which are equally responsible for it. Stress, hormones, weather, and whatnot, everything has an impact on your health as well as your appearance. You cannot control some things, but some can be controlled, one of which is your skin. You can take care of your skin as per your skin's needs, and you will see a noticeable difference in days.

Another thing that might come to your mind is if I am taking care of my skin and seeing visible results, once I stop taking care of it or using the skincare products that used to suit my skin, it may come back to the state when you started taking care of it. Let me tell you one thing, whether it is taking care of your skin or your health, it is a lifelong process, it should be a part of your daily life and routine.

Dior Capture Youth review

I am approaching my mid-30s, and I am more knowledgeable and concerned about my skin needs and what suits my skin than I was five years ago. So it is part of the whole process, you learn, try, and experiment. In this post, I will talk about three products from the “Dior Capture Youth” range, which I am mixing and matching in my skincare routine, and I have seen visible results with the products. Some of you also complimented me on my skin when I shared my pictures on Instagram stories.

Dior Capture Youth is a selection of powerful natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin. The whole regimen combines an ultra-prevention cream to help delay visible signs of aging and 5 complimentary serums to fade away signs of aging as they appear. The Dior Capture Youth regimen acts to delay future signs of aging by following three main principles: “Anticipate, Control, and Maximize” The motto of this range is “Take Action Now – No Regrets.”

Dior Capture Youth Glow Booster Illuminating Serum
Dior Capture Youth review

Dior Capture Youth Glow Booster Illuminating Serum is described as a serum 100 times more concentrated in vitamin C than oranges, Murunga Plum combined with Alpha Hydroxy Acid – AHA brightens the complexion and acts on skin texture irregularities for a visible and tangible skin transformation. The anti-fatigue weapon against dull, asphyxiated complexions. It can also be a radical energizer in periods of stress fatigue and jet lag. I have used this serum for a few days every day and then on the days when my skin needs some extra care.

It has been a nice addition to my serums, especially the ones for brightening. I mix 3-4 drops of this serum into my cream and apply it on the face. My skin looks bright and beautiful. It does not make it look oily or anything, just the natural beautiful glow which stays on all day and does improve my skin tone when using it every day. I have used it in my morning and evening skincare routine, which has been a lovely experience. During the day, there is no issue applying makeup over it, everything stays on very well, plus the skin is brighter, which I am sure everyone likes. On the days I feel my skin is dull or I didn't sleep well, I reach out for this serum.

Dior Capture Youth Plump Filler Plumping Serum
Dior Capture Youth review

Dior Capture Youth Plump Filler Plumping Serum is described as a serum with three different weights of botanical hyaluronic acid molecules to rehydrate deep within and on the skin's surface and restore the skin's fullness. The first hydration concentrate for plump, supple skin and boosted elasticity. It is ideal for an intensive treatment, which means applying it directly without mixing with cream,  for dryness, or sun, to fight against environmental stressors,  and as an ideal anti-aging product. I this product, along with the glow booster serum, I love them both.

I mix 2-3 drops of this serum in my moisturizer or apply it directly to my face, and yes, I see visible results. My skin is supple, fuller, healthy, and plump, it looks beautiful, and I can feel and see it. Not that I have wrinkles or many fine lines at this time; luckily, I still see a visible difference. I am thrilled with both serums I have tried from this range. The serum sinks into the skin nicely in no time, and then I follow with my moisturizer if I have applied it directly onto the skin or with my suncare and makeup. There have been no issues with my combination while using these products. Both serums are suitable for all skin types.

Dior Capture Youth Age-Delay Advanced Crème
Dior Capture Youth review

Dior Capture Youth Age-Delay Advanced Crème is described as an ultra-fine texture delivering maximum comfort and boasts the highest concentration of antioxidant Iris Florentine and a botanical mesh that stimulates the epidermis's internal resistance process every day while instantly smoothing the skin. The skin is supposed to regain its optimal quality and is intensely nourished, retexturized, and toned.  The cream is suitable for all skin types. It is suitable for all skin types.

I have been using this cream on its own during the day and night and mixing a few drops of the Dior Youth Capture serums mentioned above. The cream did not cause any breakouts or irritate my skin. The texture is lovely and luxurious. It readily absorbs into the skin and leaves no residue or heaviness. My skin looks bright, supple, more even, and hydrated. There is a subtle scent which fades away quickly. The packaging, as you see, is very beautiful in a light pink plastic jar which is very sturdy.

Dior Capture Youth review

Overall, I am very impressed, and the claim of seeing instant visible results is valid in my case. My skin has been liking them a lot, I have combination skin prone to breakouts and congestion for your reference, but this range is suitable for all skin types. I recommend you check this range out; in addition to the two serums and the cream I reviewed above, there are three more serums named Matte Maximizer for mattifying the skin, Lift Sculptor for lifting, and Redness Soother for soothing the redness. So based on what your concern is, you can mix and match one or two or any number of intensive treatments into your customized dose of beautiful skin.

Where To Buy It?

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