Glossybox ‘Surprise Me’ Advent Calendar 2021 Review

Glossybox ‘Surprise Me’ Advent Calendar 2021 Review

Glossybox has launched its Advent Calendar for 2021 and it is full of some amazing surprises. This time of the year is always full of nice surprises and gifts. I get very excited about the advent calendars and beauty subscription boxes around this time of the year. A few of the reasons include is that I get to explore new brands and new products. The other reason is the whole excitement and festive vibe, it brings happiness. Glossybox Surprise Me Advent Calendar 2021 is packed with skincare, makeup, and hair care products from a wide range of brands. The beautiful marble print box is sturdy and is perfect to gift yourself or to someone.

Glossybox'Surprise Me' Advent Calendar 2021 Review
What Is Inside The Box?

The limited-edition box has 25 days of surprises in a separate shelf and box. Below is a list of products and a brief description of what is inside the Glossybox Surprise Me Advent Calendar 2021:

  • Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Scented Candle in travel size. It has 100% natural fragrances with 19 of the purest possible dreamy essential oils. That includes English Lavender, precious jasmine & sweet basil. Therefore, perfect to get you prepared for goodnight's sleep.
  • Authentic Beauty Concept Strong Hold Hairspray in travel size. It is an invisible, super fine, and fast-drying mist. It delivers a stronghold and is long-lasting. Also, it brushes out easily at the end of the day.
  • Elemis Pro-Collagen Energising Marine Cleanser in deluxe size. This gel cleanser is supercharged with magnesium, zinc, copper, and a trio of acids. It lifts away makeup and daily grime without stripping the skin of essential moisture. It also helps minimize the look of pores and reduces excess oil.
  • Makeup Eraser Original Pink in full size. This is a premium, patented, the polyester cloth that is made up of millions of tiny hair-like fibers. The fibers work together to create a suction for all dirt, makeup, and oil int he pores. Thus, helping erase all makeup with just water, including waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick, and more.
What Else Is Inside The Box?
  • Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask in deluxe size. This sleeping mask is bouncy and breathable, smoothes and perfects skin overnight. It is pillow-proof and boosts radiance while gently exfoliating and clarifying the skin.
  • Polaar The Genuine Lapland Hand Cream in deluxe size. It repairs and protects the hands from the dry winter air.
  • MCO Beauty Blush on Cheek Stick in full size. It has a soft pigment and works well on the lips, cheeks as well as eyes. Also, the creamy formula gives a hint of color along with a luminous sheen.
  • Figs & Rouge Wonder Love Clarity Skin Perfecting Serum Drops in full size. It gently exfoliates and unclog pores while reducing dry, uneven or bumpy skin. Also, it smooths out the complexion while giving a moisture boost.
  • Kab Cosmetics Charming Lip Kit in full size. This is a set of liner and liquid lipstick. The gel liner formula glides onto the lips easity while the liquid lipstick works for a perfect finish.
  • Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum in deluxe size. This is a beautiful fragrance enriched by an addictive scent of patchouli and vanilla. In addition, I already have a full-sized bottle and am happy to keep this deluxe size in my bag.
Glossybox'Surprise Me' Advent Calendar 2021 Review
  • Afterspa Daily Facial Dry Brush in full size. It is a gentle face brush and helps to drain lymphatic notes. In addition, it increases circulation and reduces puffiness. It also exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells for a healthier and more supple complexion.
  • Bellapierre Mini Kabuki Brush in full size. It is a very soft and dense brush. It helps apply and blend a product evenly and quickly. Moreover, it also is a perfect size to travel with.
  • Glossybox Skincare Hydrating Mist is included in full size in Glossybox Surprise Me Advent Calendar 2021. This hydrating mist leaves the complexion soft and nourished. In addition, it works nicely to refresh the complexion throughout the day.
  • One kind Pore-Perfectionist Refining Facial in deluxe size. This triple-action facial polishes, purifies, and brightens the skin within minutes. Also, it deeply detoxify, brighten the skin while unclogging the pores.
  • Fekkai Full Blown Volume Shampoo & conditioner in travel size. This duo lifts, detangle and hydrates the hair. It also protects the hair against oxidative stress and radicals leading to healthier and fuller hair.
Glossybox'Surprise Me' Advent Calendar 2021 Review
  • Josephine Cosmetics Eye/Define – The Waterproof Graphic Eyeliner in full size. This is a high definition waterproof liquid eyeliner. Moreover, the precise felt tip applicator helps allow easy and effortless application. Thus, creating a smooth, rich, and high-pigmented glossy finish.
  • Earth Harbor Nebula Adaptogen Clarity Ampoule in full size. It is a clarifying treatment and a glow-enhancing elixir. In addition, it is a featherlight, fast-absorbing formula. It helps distressed skin prone to acne, blemishes, and excess oil.
  • Cleo Noir The Eyeshadow Duet – Light The Night in full size. It is a weightless, blendable shadow that does not smudge as well as it has long-lasting pigments.
  • Deco Miami Nail Polish in full size. The beautiful bottle of nail polish has a full-coverage pigment that goes a long way.
  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream in deluxe size. It gives instant and long-term hydration to the skin. Moreover, It is soothing and makes even irritated skin comfortable and hydrated.
  • Vitabrid C12 Facial Boosting Water + Dual Mask: Brightening & Luminous in full-size. The gentle, hydrating toner provides anti-aging benefits and restores pH balance. The microfiber sheet mask contains Vitamin C and peptides to instantly brighten the skin.
Glossybox'Surprise Me' Advent Calendar 2021 Review
What Else Is Inside The Box?
  • 111Skin NAC Y2 Restorative Cleansing Balm in deluxe size. This is a gentle balm-to-milk cleanser that removes makeup and daily impurities. Also, it is hydrating, clarifies rebalancing, and soothes irritation.
  • Medik8 C-Tetra Luxe in deluxe size. This nourishing serum has a stabilized, low irritation version of Vitamin C. The skin is visibly luminous and radiant.
  • The Vintage Cosmetic Company Pillowcase in full size. The super silky satin polyester pillowcase in pink shade helps reduce friction on hair and face. As a result, minimizing split ends and pillow creases.
  • Wander Beauty Wandress Rush Eyeshadow Palette in full size. It is a rich, crease-proof, and fade-proof eyeshadows. Also, the formula is moisturizing and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, there is Elaina Badro Divine Duo Set in full size included in Glossybox Surprise Me Advent Calendar 2021. This beautiful pink duo includes an angled brush and blending brush. The angled brush is used for brow liner and eyeshadow. The blending brush works to create soft color diffusion or defined blending.

Overall, Glossybox Surprise Me Advent Calendar 2021 is a beautiful curation of products. There are many new brands and products for me. I am happy to try the deluxe size and buy a full size if I like them. Also, the full-size products are a great way to include new products, one at a time in my routine.

*Above pictures are courtesy of Glossybox

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