Which Facial Cotton To Use?

Which Facial Cotton To Use?

Let's talk about facial cotton

It seems like cotton has been the go-to skincare applicator since always! But have you heard of luxury facial cotton?

Luxury Facial Cotton

Yes, you heard right! If you want to know what makes our selection of cotton-based products stand out, then keep reading. But first…

Why Use Cotton In Our Skincare Ritual?

You have probably heard it by now, but the way to great-looking skin starts with hygiene. Whilst some products can be applied with the hands, others require cotton. Cotton makes removing your makeup or applying your lotion much easier and faster. With an extensive range of products, such as cotton pads, cotton balls and buds, it can take time to decide which one to choose.

Luxury Facial Cotton
Which Cotton To Use?

If you are wondering what type of cotton to use and when, keep reading.

  • Cotton pads: These thin pads are quick, easy to use, and ideal for removing eye makeup, lipsticks or applying liquid skincare products. You can apply your lotions, serums, exfoliators, etc. in one swipe. You can also use pads to avoid getting your hands dirty or protect your makeup while applying the different layers.
  • Cotton balls: Ideal for applying powdered textures such as talc or setting powders, cotton balls also capture greasy substances. It has incredible absorbing talents and may feel softer on sensitive skin than pads.
  • Cotton buds: Ideal for accessing small zones around the eyes, lips, etc. Cotton buds are like magic erasers. They are perfect for correcting fine lines and mascara stains without re-doing your foundation or underlying makeup. You can perfect your liner tail or eyebrow shape with buds with a small amount of makeup remover.
Best Facial Cotton Review
My Picks

Here is a selection of my favourite luxury cotton pads:

1. Cle de Peau Le Cotton
Luxury Facial Cotton

The perfect pad to apply your daily lotion or serum. Cle de peau combines natural silk and premium cotton for an extra-soft touch. Perfect for all skin types, even the most delicate. The pack contains 120 skincare boosting sheets.

2. Shiseido Facial Cotton
Best Facial Cotton

Whether on the go or at home, these small-sized cotton pads allow you to clean and replenish your skin. Made with 100% natural cotton, they have excellent absorption and hold many products. Ideal for applying face toners or lotions, the pack is complete with 40 sheets.

3. Decorte Facial Pure Cotton

Decorte's range of cotton pads is excellent for removing makeup. Designed to offer you endless comfort and softness, they are durable and don't break apart in your hands. The pack comprises 120 sheets, an average of 4 pads/ day for a month.

4. DHC Silk-blend Cotton Pads
Best Cotton Pads for skincare

Like the Cle de peau pads, they are made from cotton and silk. The only difference is the finger pocket gives you a more controlled action on the skin. With their Lint-free composition, there is no snagging on eyelashes or brows while removing makeup. This type of cotton pad is also ideal for pimple or blackhead removal.

Inside the box are 80 pads, giving you an average of 2 per day.

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