Bottega Veneta Tri-Fold Zip Wallet Review

Bottega Veneta Tri-Fold Zip Wallet Review

The Tri-fold zip wallet is taking on a new vibrant shade that will surely add a touch of colour to your handbag. This fiery, luxury accessory makes even the perfect gift!

Bottega Veneta Tri-Fold Zip Wallet Review

The Wallet's Exterior

The Tri-fold zip Bottega wallet is easily recognizable thanks to its detailed basket-weave technique on the outside. Crafted in Italy using 100% lambskin, the high-quality leather is tinted in a large selection of colors, before being woven in the iconic Bottega Veneta style. The luxury couture brand has complimented the vibrant color of the orange leather with golden-finished hardware and a simple stud closure. The wallet's design is minimalistic and showcases the house's talented craftsmanship.

Bottega Veneta Tri-Fold Zip Wallet Review

Fun fact: Did you know that the basket-weave technique was originally just a way around the lack of sewing machines capable of sewing thick leather? The brand chose this technique to add resistance and flexibility to its products.

Bottega Veneta Tri-Fold Zip Wallet Review
Bottega Veneta Wallet Review

The Wallet's Interior

After releasing the stud closure, the wallet unfolds into three different compartments. Wearing the same orange shade as the outside, the wallet is lined with a fine-grained lambskin. The first compartment contains six card slots, the second a one-bill compartment, and the third a zippered coin purse. These days, most payments are made by card or phone, but some people prefer to stick to their traditions and use cash. Don't worry; this wallet lets you have all the options on hand and still look stunning. You can also find two additional pockets to store any flat items.

Bottega Veneta Tri-Fold Zip Wallet Review

The Perfect Color For You

Although I absolutely adore the orange shade, purchasing the wallet in different colors is possible. Look on the website directly to flick through the many options.

Psst: Did you know it also exists in multiple sizes? Yes, that's right, with Bottega Veneta, you have the luxury of finding accessories that perfectly fit your needs. The tri-fold wallet is also available in a mini and small format.

Bottega Veneta Tri-Fold Zip Wallet Review

The Size

Finding the perfect wallet size for you is essential to having a well-organized bag and a simple way of accessing and storing your payment tools. The orange tri-fold wallet/ purse is an ideal size. Easily stored in a handbag, the wallet allows you to keep many items close to your hand without being too bulky or looking ready to burst. The depth of the wallet is very adaptable, and the leather bucket weave design enables it to stretch a few more centimetres if needed.

The original measurements are:

  • Height: 9 cm | 3.5″
  • Width: 11.5 cm | 4.5″
  • Depth: 2 cm | 0.8″
Bottega Veneta Tri-Fold Zip Wallet Review

How To Look After Your Leather Wallet?

When storing or cleaning your Bottega Veneta wallet, there are a few things to remember. The wallet is made with high-quality leather; it requires a more attentive approach. Here are a few tips:

  • Store your wallet in a flannel bag or box when not in use.
  • Avoid cleaning the leather with chemical products.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and humidity.

Customize Your Tri-Fold Wallet

Bottega Veneta always strives to make their customer's experience heightened and unique. The brand's slogan is closely tied to one of their additional services: “When your initials are enough.”

What better way to add a special touch than signing your initials if purchasing the wallet for yourself or a loved one? You can emboss them into the interior leather panel, making your wallet just as unique as you.

Bottega Veneta Wallet Review

My Review

Bottega Veneta's selection of Tri-fold wallets is mind-blowing! When I set eyes on this bright, energetic orange shade, I knew I just had to get it. The wallet itself is an excellent example of the great detail Bottega brings to its accessories. I love how the leather has a criss-cross design that stands out from the usual wallets. 

I have had it for a while and have loved using it for the summer. The wallet easily holds all my cards, notes, and money without looking packed or being hard to close. I recommend this wallet for those needing extra storage in a purse, as I have not yet filled mine completely! The tri-fold wallet has aged well and has excellent resistance to wear and tear. The zipper on the pocket is of high quality, and the size of the wallet is easy to hold in the hand, even for women. If you are looking for a classy and super practical wallet, look no further than the tri-fold model.

Where To Buy It?

Bottega Veneta Tri-Fold Zip Wallet is available at:

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