Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Review

Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Review

The bag that adapts to your lifestyle: Discover the Celine Cabas Phantom Medium

I am back with another favourite women's bag from my luxury collection. With warmer days approaching, I find it much easier to go with a bigger bag, and the Medium model, Cabas Phantom from Celine, is my go-to!

Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Review
The Medium Cabas Phantom

If you want a piece that pulls together your outfits, this handbag is for you. The medium-sized caba is a versatile bag that fits any occasion. Easy to dress up or down for maximum impact. For the price, it sounds like a big investment. Here is what the bag has to offer:

Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Review
First Up, The Outside

The Cabas Phantom takes on a minimalistic appearance with a firm structure. The medium-sized bag (11 X 14 X 8 IN) is designed using high-quality calfskin that is unique to each bag. Take a pick from three shades: Black, Taupe, and Grey. With its beautiful grain and details, such as the tightening belt around the top, and the Small golden logo, the Cabas Phantom is endlessly classy. You can tighten the bag for a tighter opening or leave it loose for easy access.

Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Review
Next, The Inside

With a medium-sized bag, you have plenty of space to adapt to your day and needs. The Cabas style handbag is lined with calfskin on the inner side, which makes it practical and easy to keep clean. A bigger bag can also lead to problems when looking for items such as keys, money, etc. Celine has added an inner zipped pocket to keep all your precious things close to hand. The bag is complete with a double flat pocket and gold finishings.

Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Review
How To Style the Medium-Sized Cabas Phantom Bag?

I love to wear this bag, and I have styled it in so many ways, but here are my favourites:

  • The statement strap: You can add a pop of colour to your bags by wrapping a head scarf around one or both handles. This fun technique is highly trendy this summer and simple to do in minutes.
  • Match your bag and purse for an extra-luxurious look. I use my Celine Triomphe wallet (review here) regularly, and this always gets me compliments.
Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Review
How To Wear It?

This model is designed to wear over the shoulder, making it ideal for everyday use and city adventures. The bag's handle has a 9 IN drop and is made with sturdy leather to resist wear and tear. The handles are comfortable and allow you to carry the bag quickly, whether full or empty. I love that the straps are longer; I can easily rest my hand on the bag.

How To Care For Your Bag?

Like all luxury handbags, there are specific steps to keeping your bag looking its best. Here you will find our main tips for long-lasting leather:

  • Never clean the bag using chemical products such as soap or wipes.
  • To clean your bag, you can use softer products such as a milky makeup remover (perfume free). This helps to keep the leather of the bag flexible and shining.
  • Avoid storing the bag in humid or warm areas like the bathroom or kitchen.
Celine Cabas Phantom Bag Review
My Review

I finally finished reviewing one of my favourite models from Celine and just had to share it with you.

The black Cabas Phantom makes my life much easier, and I would be lost without it! The bag has a perfect size for those that want a bag that does it all. You can store quite a lot inside this bag, making it ideal for in-between seasons to keep a jacket or for those days you need more space like the summer (towel, swap of bikini, etc.). I love how this black handbag adds an elegant touch to my outfit without screaming for attention. If you do not like black bags, the other two shades are lighter and great for tying in beige colours. This bag does a lot, just like the no makeup and makeup looks. (I will add more pictures of the inside of the bag)

The bag has a spacious inside, and to help me stay tidy, I use a felt organizer. I use the inner pockets to keep my smaller objects and love tightening the top using the belt. This gives a unique shape to the bag and allows you to protect your items.

I also noticed how comfortable the straps are on the skin. No more digging in or slipping away. The leather is super soft and has a beautiful grain to it. Celine's Cabas is simplicity at its best. Celine has combined high-quality materials that make the bag a show-stopper. Sometimes less is more, and the medium-sized Cabas Phantom is worth it!

Where To Buy It?

Celine Cabas Phantom is available at:

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