Chloe Louela Leather Belt Review

Chloe Louela Leather Belt Review

Luxury accessories: The Chloe Louela Leather Belt review | Double-Sided Black and Brown.

When styling my favourite summer dress or winter skirt, I love to wear the Chloe Louela belt. Discover all you need to know before heading out to buy it!

The Louela Belt
Chloe Louela Leather Belt Review

Chloe's house is all about its chic, elegant, and unique style. In the leather Louela model, Chloe displays its exclusive leather craftsmanship and innovative answer to a belt that does it all.

The Louela leather belt is made from high-quality calfskin and comes in two shades: black and brown. The reversible leather belt is styled using laser-cut and twisted leather, which gives off a bohemian vibe. The high-waisted belt is hand-twisted and hand-stitched to achieve perfect details each time. Above all, this belt is ideal for elegantly defining the waist and can be worn year-round. It has a pale gold Chloé-engraved buckle. You can tighten the belt using the four holes. Although small in size, the buckle is gentle on the eye yet adds a touch of luxury.

Sizes and Measurements

The belt is available in three sizes ranging from S to L and has a width of 4cm. Check out the sizes to find the perfect fit:

  • S: 29.5″ (75 cm)
  • M: 31.5″ (80 cm)
  • Lastly, L: 33.5″ (85 cm)
Chloe Louela Leather Belt Review
Chloe Leather Belt Review
How To Style The Belt?

The Louela belt is perfect for wearing over any piece of clothing to mark the hips or waist. The belt is designed with smooth leather, which allows you to define your silhouette most luxuriously. The Louela belt is reversible, making it a great option to save money by having two belts in one.

With winter slowly on its way, the Louela belt is a great option to wear over a jumper dress or with a skirt and tights. Thus, switch from a black belt to a brown belt in the blink of an eye!

How To Care For Your Belt?

Like any luxury accessory, they should be stored and looked after correctly. The leather belt is highly resistant, but when it comes to cleaning it. I advise using a leather cleanser or going to a professional.

When storing your Chloe belt, please keep it away from direct sunlight or heat and chemical products such as perfume, alcohol, chlorine, and even water.

Chloe Louela Leather Belt Review
Chloe Louela Leather Belt Review
My Review

I have had this belt for many years and still love wearing it. The Chloe Louela belt is the perfect way to up your casual outfits. Comfortable and resistant to daily wear and tear, my belt is still in excellent condition. The Louela model is elegant and can easily be dressed up. My all-time favourite way of wearing it is over my long summer dresses.

The belt always gets me compliments and is of very high quality. I wear it on both sides, but the brown side is my favourite! Twisted by hand, you can appreciate the hard work put into making it. Overall, the Louela belt has a soft feel and is worth the investment.

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Where To Buy It?

Chloe Louela Leather Belt is available at:

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