The Ultimate Wool Coat Guide | Which One To Pick And How? 

The Ultimate Wool Coat Guide | Which One To Pick And How? 

Today, I share the art of finding the perfect wool coat for you. The ideal wool coat will keep you toasty warm while being a statement piece of your outfit. In this wool coat guide, you will find all the tips and tricks to navigate the many options. If you are wondering which one to pick and how, keep reading.

First Up, Understanding Wool Fabrics

The Ultimate Wool Coat Guide

In the vast universe of wool, it is easy to get overwhelmed. I have put together a list of my three favourite varieties and their benefits:


  1. Warmth: Well known for its protective properties, Merino wool is perfect for windy climates and colder seasons. While highly protective, this type of wool is moderately bulky and leaves you with lots of freedom of movement.
  2. Texture: Merino wool has a finer fibre, producing an ultra-soft and luxurious sensation.
  3. Resistance: Although this wool is finer, it has excellent strength and deals well with everyday wear and tear. It ages gracefully!


  1. Warmth: Well known to the world of luxury, Cashmere wool is a 5-star material. The wool is fine and very lightweight, which makes it very pleasant to wear. Cashmere also has a great warmth and always looks classy.
  2. Texture: Cashmere is said to be one of the most comfortable wools out there. Its silky touch and smooth finish are unmatched.
  3. Resistance: This type of wool is more delicate but can also last a long time if cared for correctly.


  1. Warmth: Lambswool is an excellent option for staying warm. Though the fibres are slightly thicker, this material is breathable and provides excellent comfort.
  2. Texture: Compared to the previous types of wool, the thicker fibres of Lambswool create a rougher texture to the coats. 
  3. Resistance: This type of wool has brilliant strength and resistance, making it one of the most reliable wools. Perfect for everyday wear.

1. Re-Edition wool coat

2. Wool Coat w/ Bow Details

3. Belted Plush Sheep Shearling Coat

Best luxury Wool coat recommendations

Selecting Your Wool Coat Also Depends On The Season

Another element of choosing the perfect wool coat is considering the season you will wear it. As the seasons get colder, I recommend opting for heavier and thicker wool, compared to fall, where a thinner wool type can offer perfect warmth and comfort.

If you are looking for a coat to take you through multiple seasons, choose a thinner wool coat and layer up on the cooler days.

4. Structured Splittable Double-Breast Wool Coat

5. Medea wool-blend coat

6. Fetta herringbone-print wool-blend coat

Wool coat recommendations

Choosing The Fit For You

The next thing to consider is what shape will best complement your figure. While the texture provides the correct warmth, the fit will make or break your look. Here are a few elements to check when selecting your wool coat:

  1. The size: Your coat should fit you comfortably, allowing you space to layer up and quickly move. 
  2. Sleeve length: Something that is often overlooked is the sleeve length. You want a coat that perfectly fits and protects your arms. This can be modified once bought, of course.
  3. Shoulder fit: This is key to getting a beautiful fall shape to your coat. Selecting the correct shoulder length will ensure the coat is comfortable.
  4. Coat length: The coat length will depend on the overall style of the coat but can be something to think of before purchasing. Find the correct length for you and visualize the look on yourself.

7. Oversized belted double-breasted wool coat

8. Oversized wool coat

9. Agar cashmere and wool coat

Wool coat recommendations

Three Iconic Wool Coat Styles

If you need some inspiration, these three styles will surely excite you! As some of the most worn wool coat styles, they all reflect different personalities.

  • Originating from British naval history, the pea coat is mainly recognized by its double-breasted, broad lapels and short length.
  • The trench coat is similar in style to the pea coat. These coats are generally in a beige to camel tone and have a more classy appearance.
  • The duffle coat has a straighter cut and is primarily recognized by its front cord closing.

10. Wool peacoat

11. Eccesso Wool Top Coat

12. Puzzle Seam Single-Breasted Wool Coat

Best Wool coat recommendations

How To Choose The Color And Style Of A Wool Coat

Although we are often attracted to getting the iconic all-black wool coat for its ease of mixing and matching with other styles, there are some pretty cool options. To find the perfect color for you, you will want to answer these three questions:

  • What colour best compliments my skin tone?
  • What colours do I often find myself wearing?
  • Do I want the wool coat to be the statement piece of my outfit?

Combining the above elements gives you a clearer image of what wool coat you want and why. The wool coat is a timeless fashion piece that can be worn in many ways. When choosing your wool cat, have fun and let your inner fashionista guide you. I hope this wool coat guide helped, and some of my top recommendations for wool coats that I shared above.

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