Aerin Ikat Jasmine Eau de Perfum Review

Aerin Ikat Jasmine Eau de Perfum Review

An ode to feminity

After discovering Aerin's floral fragrance collection, I have to share my all-time favourite scent with you.

Aerin Ikat Jasmine Eau de Perfum Review
Ikat Jasmine

In this velvety and fresh scent, the floral note of Jasmine is pushed to the front of the stage. Delivering an intense yet luminous note, the perfume creates an elegant sillage behind those that wear it. Floral perfumes are often underestimated, but this fragrance has collected unique notes worldwide. Moreover, the perfume combines a rare bouquet, deep woody notes from Egypt, and exotic landscapes.

Aerin Ikat Jasmine Eau de Perfum Review
The Notes

Inspired by the Indonesian dyeing technique of “Ikat,” this fragrance binds notes together to become one unique perfume. The fragrance opens with a duo of Jasmine Sambac and Jasmine Egypt. Extremely fresh and sweet. The two notes create an addictive note. In the fragrance's heart lies the Tuberose flower adding a velvety touch to the perfume. And last, the re-energizing scent of Honeysuckle and Sandalwood set a sensual and long-lasting base.

The Perfume Comes With A Precious Stone

Aerin's fragrances come with a beautiful glass bottle and metallic top. The Ikat Jasmine is topped with a precious white stone, reflecting the pureness and light this perfume releases.

Unlike any other fragrance brand I know of, these perfumes are about more than just smelling nice but experiencing the notes and finding a scent that best represents you.

Aerin Ikat Jasmine Eau de Perfum Review
My Review

I recently reviewed the “Cedar Violet” (review here) and “Wild Geranium“(review here) fragrances from Aerin's collection and have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I decided to try the travel-friendly format of Ikat Jasmine and loved experimenting with layering it with the other perfumes.

The Ikat Jasmine is a beautiful perfume that lasts a couple of hours on the skin. It is better to vaporize this scent on an inner jacket or scarf for a long-lasting result. Also, I love how this scent's woody notes balance the freshness of the two types of white Jasmine.

Overall, I recommend this to those that enjoy scents such as the Dior “Jasmin des Anges” or “Idole” from Lancome.

Where To Buy It?

Aerin Ikat Jasmine Eau de Perfum is available at:

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