Amouage Opus V Woods Symphony Review

Amouage Opus V Woods Symphony Review

After recently falling in love with the new Opus XII Rose Incense fragrance, I decided to review another scent found in the Library Collection, Opus V Woods Symphony. This is right up your street if you love perfumes' highly sensual woody tones.

Amouage Opus V Woods Symphony Review
The Scent

The Opus V woods symphony is a universal, Floral-headed, fumy fragrance. It was inspired by our modern world and tells the story of humans living amongst machines through its notes. With a dry woody touch, the perfume is balanced out by its gentle mineral heart.

This perfume is an investment well made. With its highly concentrated Eau De parfum, the notes last all day long on the skin. Available in a 100ml format and ranging at 325€.

Amouage Opus V Woods Symphony Review
Key Notes

Top Notes: Orris Absolute, Rhum.

The perfume opens up with a scarce ingredient: Orris absolute. Warmed by notes of Rhum, the scent gains a round, warm touch. With its fresh, earthy notes, the roots add character and a slightly peppery touch to the fragrance.

Heart Notes: Orris Concrete, Rose, Jasmine.

At the heart of the perfume, we have a floral trio. The freshness of a white flower, the rose's elegance and the Orris's strength. Makes this perfume a delicious sensorial experience.

Base Notes: Agarwood, Civet, Dry Wood Accord.

Something is comforting about a woody fragrance. Maybe it is the released smoothness or the skin-like scent that we can relate to. Like most perfumes, the base notes are warmer and wooden-based. The great thing is this adds hours and hours to your perfume's longevity.

Amouage Opus V Woods Symphony Review
The “Opus” eau de parfum range

Made up of 6 perfumes, the Amouage library collection is one of the unique approaches to the perfumery world I know. Adventuring unexplored fragrance paths, this collection is designed for men and women who want the rarest perfume. Using surprisingly well-known notes in their scents, your curiosity will be more than spiked. You can purchase the collection in a discovery kit for those who can't decide between the fragrances. The perfect gift for you or your loved ones.

The Opus library collection has a simple but elegantly decorated bottle. Dress in a powdered pink colour; the bottle holds the Amouage logo engraved on a black metal plate on the front.

Amouage Opus V Woods Symphony
My Review

Amouage doesn't stop surprising me! When discovering this perfume, I went in with an open mind. Generally more of a fresh, floral lover, I wasn't expecting to like the scent so much. My first impression was, “wow, this is strong,” but once I left it on my skin for a minute or two, I liked it. The perfume evolves into a warm, rich fragrance. I find this is better suited to men, but ladies, please do give it a try. The perfume is great for autumn, inside a coat or scarf. A little pricey, but I understand why when using such high-quality ingredients. The fragrances in the Library collection push the boundaries of perfumery and offer brand-new notes.

Amouage Library Collection Review

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Where To Buy It?

Amouage Opus V Woods Symphony is available at:

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