Byredo Vanquish Candle Review

Byredo Vanquish Candle Review

There is something about walking into a beautifully fragranced home or room. Instantly setting a mood, fragrance candles are a must-have! I recently tested the “Vanquish” candle from Byredo and decided to share my experience with you.

Byredo Vanquish Candle Review

Byredo has a selection of home fragrance products. Ranging from scented candles to textile perfumes and accessories. The Byredo candles are luxurious products. Covered with multiple signature touches, these candles set the level a little higher than usual. The design revolves around a dark smoky black shade. The contrasting signature label reveals the scent with black glass, wax, and wick.

The candles are a Vegan woody formula. Preserved in recyclable glass packaging they give off a medium Intensity scent for up to 60h.

When you have finished your candle don't throw away your jar. Reuse it for another purpose.

Byredo Vanquish Candle Review
The ” Vanquish” Story

This scented candle sets the scene of a dense forest, rich in century-old trees. The damp scent of the undergrowth and earth rises to meet the newly blossoming flowers.

Byredo Vanquish Candle
The Notes

Here are the listed notes found in the candle's fragrance:

Top notes: Green Rose Bud, Rosewater. The first scent is a burst of freshness. With a rich aquatic rose note.

Heart: Incense, Ginger. Following is a more intense note. Adding a touch of mystery to our floral bouquet. Almost like the shade from the trees above.

Base: Cedarwood, Guaiac Woods, Cistus Labdanum. And last is a down-to-earth, deeply rooted touch. This is the woody forest.

Byredo Vanquish Candle
My Experience

Having tested multiple candles, I would recommend Vanquish. With a subtle touch, this candle is perfect for smaller spaces or a softer touch in a bedroom or bathroom. I lit the candle for a period of 2h each time and the fragrance lasted the majority of the day. The scent leaves a beautiful calm ambience, I particularly enjoyed it on an evening. Bear in mind that you have regularly cut the wick to keep your candle burning correctly!

I found the minimalist design very elegant and perfect for decorating the room. With a 240g size, it fits perfectly on a smaller shelf or surface.

For Summer fragrance, I am enjoying this one from Byredo.

Where To Buy It?

Byredo Vanquish Candle is available at:

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