Chantecaille Le Wild Perfume Review

Chantecaille Le Wild Perfume Review

If you want a unique fragrance, then look no further. Chantecaille takes us on a tropical adventure through their wild perfume.

Chantecaille Le Wild Perfume Review
Chantecaille is wild at heart.

This brand massively helps to conserve wildlife by regularly donating to charities. Inspired by nature, each product has its own story and cause. Inside their products you will find rare and unique ingredients, working alongside natural ones.

Chantecaille Le Wild Perfume Review
Le Wild Perfume

Released in 2016, Chantecaille Le Wild perfume is a modern floral experience. Its heady floral wake and green edge take you on an unforgettable journey. The perfect fragrance for women who long to escape from the city into the deep, tangled beauty of nature’s freedom. The fragrance is available in a 75ml format.

Chantecaille Le Wild Perfume Review
The Notes

Top Note: Gardenia Leaves.

If you are a lover of Gardenia then this is a perfect match. With its rich green notes, it revives the perfume. Almost like diving into a tropical jungle.

Middle Notes: Gardenia Brazil, Casablanca Lily, Tuberose, Jasmine Petals.

Following is a bouquet of diverse flowers. Amazingly fresh, you find yourself in the heart of nature.

Base Notes: Ambergris, Musk.

To balance out the green and floral notes Chantecaille selected earthy humid notes. The Ambergris brings a sensual touch to the perfume and adds longevity.

Chantecaille Le Wild Perfume Review
My Experience

When it comes to perfume we are flooded with choices. Recently I have taken an interest in skincare brands, like Chantecaille's releasing fragrances. This perfume is hypoallergenic and made up of natural ingredients. Because yes, your perfume stays all day long on your skin.

“Le wild” has a unique scent. As the description mentions it has the power to open up your imagination. I am a very big fan of the green floral notes found here. I love the freshness and vibrance we can smell in these wildflowers.

The perfume's fragrance slowly fades leaving an almost humid, rainy scent. Lasting around 5 hours it releases notes from time to time. Almost like reminders throughout the day. If you too like intimate, easy-to-wear fragrances then this is for you!

Another favourite fragrance I have from Chantecaille is Darby Rose.

Where To Buy It?

Chantecaille Le Wild is available at:

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