Hermes Tutti Twilly Parfum Review

Hermes Tutti Twilly Parfum Review

Twilly d'Hermes is taking on a NEW, vibrant character in this Falls edition. The Tutti Twilly parfum represents the fruitiness of the Lychee fruit.

Tutti Twilly Eau de Parfum

Hermes Tutti Twilly parfum Review

This Tutti Twilly is the creation of the talented perfumer Christine Nagel. The perfume demonstrates a fun and playful character in its highly concentrated Eaud e Parfum, Eau de parfum. It is inspired by the free spirit of Hermes ladies, and therefore its daring and lightheartedness is not to be underestimated. 

Tutti Twilly is a floral and fruity perfume that combines three significant notes: ginger blossom, mellow lychee, and enveloping musk. If you know any previous editions, Tutti Twilly will surely be your next love.

The previous editions.

 The original | Twilly hermes Eau de parfum | Floral and spicy.

This is the first Twilly scent and the warmest of the three. You can easily pick up on the ginger note in this edition.

Twilly Eau de Ginger | Eau de parfum | Floral

Second to have been released, this edition takes on a fresher and floral approach with a Peony heart.

Hermes Tutti Twilly parfum Review

The bottle.

The design of the Twilly bottle represents a lantern-shaped bottle. Capturing the external light, the perfume showcases the stunning lychee-red color. Like all Twilly fragrances, Tutti is finished with the iconic hand-tied silk ribbon. Thus, the Twilly d'Hermès family evokes the silk métier in two ways: the silk twill scarf and the Twilly, a small, joyful, colorful silk ribbon. Moreover, the Twilly is an Iconic fashion accessory to be worn in endless ways. It is often worn as a head scarf or to decorate the Hermes bag handles.

Hermes Tutti Twilly parfum Review
Hermes Tutti Twilly parfum Review

My experience.

Each year, Hermes surprises me with their Autumn scents. Stepping away from the cliche spicy and intense fall perfumes, Tutti Twilly allows a slow transformation of the seasons. I love how dynamic the Lychee note is and how the ginger perfectly mixes with it. In other words, the perfume is warm and sensual.

Although part of the Twilly family, the Tutti edition transforms into a fresher, easy-to-wear note. I am lucky to have tried the scent and recommend it for Autumn. Overall, Twilly is one of my favorite scents, and the ginger notes never fail to awaken me.

Where To Buy It?

Hermes Tutti Twilly parfum is available at:

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