The “Must-Have” Niche Fragrances For Fall 2023

The “Must-Have” Niche Fragrances For Fall 2023

With Autumn just approaching, it's time to start setting the mood. Switching up my perfume is one of my favourite ways to enter the Fall season. Below, you can discover my top 11 fall fragrances for this season.

1. Sisley “L'Eau revee d'Aria”

Sisley "Must-Have" Niche Fragrances For Fall

Starting on a rather fruity-leathery note, the Sisley Aria's dream water takes the wearer down memory lane. It is inspired by the “Eau revee” collection of 6 unique scents. Aria has a sensual floral and spiced ginger kick. (full review here)

-TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Mandarin, Ginger

-MID NOTES: Osmanthus, Blackcurrant, Nutmeg

-BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Benjoin, Patchouli

2. Chantecaille Kalimantan

Chantecaille "Must-Have" Niche Fragrances For Fall

Kalimantan is the perfect unisex niche perfume for Fall. Composed of warm and woody notes, the perfume takes you on a journey through the Southern region of Borneo Island in Indonesia. Chantecaille combines fresh floral and rich, spicy notes to achieve a unique scent. (full review here)

-TOP NOTES: Thyme, Rosemary, Bergamot, and ylang-ylang.

-MID NOTES: Indonesian Patchouli, Geranium, Rhubarb, Olibanum, and Ciste.

-BASE NOTES: Cedar, Musk, Agarwood, and Sandalwood.

Chantecaille recently released this scent, and Vetyver is another awakening scent worth the try!

3. Initio Parfums Atomic Rose

Initio Parfums "Must-Have" Niche Fragrances For Fall

If you love rose-based scents, this phenomenal floral-powered perfume will show all facets of the rose. Bright with its shadows, Feminine and masculine. The fragrance is highly addictive and mysterious. (full review here)

-TOP NOTES: Italian Bergamot, Bulgarian Rose.

-MID NOTES: Turkish Rose, Egyptian Jasmin.

-BASE NOTE: Madagascar Vanilla.

4. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Media cologne forte

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Media Cologne Forte Review

Heading into the Autumn season doesn't mean you must step away from fresh and green scents. In Francis Kurkdjian's latest addition, Aqua Media cologne forte spreads happiness and energy by using the perfect balance between water and light. (full review here)

THE NOTES: Verbena, Sweet Fennell essence, Bergamot of Calabria, Musks, and Hedione.

5. Parfum de Marly's NEW Althair

Parfums de Marly "Must-Have" Niche Fragrances For Fall

Althair is the Newest addition to the Fall fragrances and has a warm and intense character. The woody-vanilla-amber scent inspires you to be the most confident version of yourself. The perfume is an ode to the iconic Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

-TOP NOTES: Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Cinnamon

-MID NOTES: Bourbon Vanilla, Elemi

-BASE NOTES: Guaiacwood, Ambrox, Praline, Musk

6. Aesop's NEW Ouranon

Aesop "Must-Have" Niche Fragrances For Fall

Another New scent has dropped in Aesop's fragrance, perfect for your Fall evenings. The perfume opens up with a sparkling citrus note that melts into a Woody, resinous perfume. Suitable for all genders, this niche scent is based on three main notes: Frankincense, Hay, and Myrrh. Herbaceous and vibrant, it lasts all day long.

7. Tutti Twilly Hermes

Hermes "Must-Have" Niche Fragrances For Fall

The original Twilly scent has taken a fruity turn in the latest edition. Inpired by the free spirit of all Hermes ladies, this floral and fruity scent brings a gentle touch of light to your day. The scent is enveloping and has a beautiful warm sillage to it. Tutti Twilly uses a combination of Ginger blossom, Lychee, and Musk to achieve the perfect Fall scent.

8. Veronique Gabai's Oud Elixir

Veronique Gabai "Must-Have" Niche Fragrances For Fall

The Oud Elixir is perfect for those who want a mysterious and sensual sillage. This perfume is composed of natural ingredients and is ideal for those who like a noticeable scent. Woody warm Oud notes have a hypnotic effect on all they encounter. Veronique Gabai's fragrances can be worn alone or layered.

TOP NOTES: Mate absolute, rose;

MID NOTES: Ciste labdanum absolute, saffron, myrrhe, cypriol ;

BASE NOTES: Oud, patchouli, gaiac, amber

9. Diptyque Eau Nabati

Diptyque "Must-Have" Niche Fragrances For Fall

Diptyque has found the perfect balance between fresh and warm notes. The perfume combines Bergamot, Petitgrain, and Peru balsam to tell the story of a garden in paradise. Eau Nabati is a more intimate scent perfect for passing from summer to Winter.

10. Byredo NEW Rouge Chaotique perfume extract

Byredo "Must-Have" Niche Fragrances For Fall

Genderless, woody and extremely intense the Chaotic Red fragrance invite you to accept the chaos within the creative process. From its red juice, to it's minimalistic bottle, this scent is all about sensing your power. The perfume is a blend of fruity and rich enveloping notes:

-TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Lemon, Saffron, Cassis

-MID NOTES: Plum, Praline, Upcycled Oakwood

-BASE NOTES: Papyrus, Upcycled Patchoud

11. Roja NEW perfume Reckless

Roja "Must-Have" Niche Fragrances For Fall

 Last on my Fall fragrances list is the “Reckless” fragrance from Roja. As part of their NEW collection, this scent inspires women to follow their heart and live life by their own rules. As you set upon your next adventure this perfume dresses your skin in a creamy and sweet scent.

-TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Mandarin, Orange

-MID NOTES: Geranium, Rose de Mai, Neroli, Jasmin de Grasse

-BASE NOTES: Coriander, Pink Pepper, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Vanilla, Styrax, Musk

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