Initio Parfums Atomic Rose Review

Initio Parfums Atomic Rose Review

A Rose perfume like no other

After recently discovering the iconic Paragon fragrance, I was left curious about one well-known scent: The Atomic Flower. A perfume of contrast and power, unlike your regular floral scent. I had to discover it.

Initio Parfums Atomic Rose Review
The Carnal Collection

The Atomic Rose scent is part of the carnal collection. The collection has four unique perfumes created to play with your senses. Somewhere between fantasy and reality lays this perfume. The collection is designed from a selection of powerful ingredients as well as distinctive couplings.

Initio Parfums Atomic Rose Review
The Atomic Rose

This Eau de parfum has phenomenal power. The sweet rose notes take you on a journey from the first moment you smell them. In a world of contrasts, the atomic rose is feminine and masculine, light and dark, and soft but reckless. This is it for the lovers of the rose looking for something more modern.

Initio Parfums Atomic Rose Eau de Parfum Review
The Notes

Taking your nose on a powdered, fresh walk down the garden. Let's discover the mysterious blend of natural actives that makes the perfume outstanding. First are the floral notes of Italian Bergamot, Bulgarian Rose, and Turkish Rose. Egyptian Jasmin and Madagascar Vanilla join it. These warmer, round notes elevate the fragrance to a smoother, more sensual scent. Moreover, long-lasting, the rose and vanilla make the perfect pair.

The Bottle

One thing that deserves mention in the fragrance packaging is the bottle. It is dressed in a dark purple bottle and wears the brand's metal-plated logo on the front. Like the story's villain, this perfume bottle hides its beautiful scent until the last minute. Also, the perfume oozes with mystery and power.

What is the difference between the types of roses?

There are such wide varieties of roses, but a couple is regularly used for their beautiful scents.

  • Bulgarian Rose: These white, red and pink flowers are well known in the perfume world. This particular rose has a gentle and green touch to it.
  • Turkish Rose: This flower is mostly found in an oil form. The petals have a fruity and tarty scent that adds energy to the perfume.
Initio Parfums Atomic Rose Review
My Review

Wow, wow, wow! I don't know why I didn't know about this perfume earlier. If you love floral scents, and more precisely, rose, this is your scent. This is not a super powdered “nan style” perfume. I adored wearing this perfume and thought that it had a beautiful aroma. The fragrance is long-lasting and extra feminine. It is ideal to smell your perfume all day or keep it on your coat for comfort.

I love vanilla, and it is often in all my scents. The bottle surprised me as the smell was strong but much brighter and fruity than I thought. Overall, the atomic rose is an explosion of comfort, elegance and sensuality. Perfect for all ages, the perfume is the finishing touch to your outfit. I got many compliments on my day out, and the good thing is that the perfume is balanced. Meaning you can stand out from the crowd.

Another fragrance from the brand that I have been enjoying a lot is the Paragon. Read more about it here.

Where To Buy It?

Initio Parfums Atomic Rose is available at:

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