Initio Parfums Initiation Coffret Review

Initio Parfums Initiation Coffret Review

Discover the Initio fragrance range with the Initiation Coffret

After recently discovering the Paragon perfume extract from Initio, I wanted to know how good the other fragrances are. And what better way to find them than through the coffret?

Initio Parfums Initiation Coffret Review
The Initiation Coffret

As the name mentions, this is your first step into the olfactory universe of Initio. Combined in a box set, the brand has selected six emblematic essences for you to discover. The initiation box set is excellent if you are a “try before you buy” person. It saves you the trouble of searching through all the scents to find the right one. Inside the box set is a selection of Eau de parfum, except Musk therapy and Rehab, which are Extrait de parfums.

Initio Parfums Initiation Coffret Review
The Scents

Initio has selected its best sellers from multiple collections to be part of the Initiation Coffret. This offers you great diversity in the scents.

Oud For Greatness

Oud For Greatness is part of the Black Gold Project Collection. This Eau de parfum combines sacred geometry and powerful symbols representing shapes found in nature and the universe. The perfume is designed around a natural essence of Oud Wood and delivers a bold sillage. The formula is enriched with Patchouli and Musk, which gives the fragrance a textured feeling.

Musk Therapy

I previously reviewed the Hedonist collection (here) and loved the three mantras philosophy behind the scents. All of the scents in this collection are extrait de parfums, meaning they have a higher percentage of pure perfume.

The Musk Therapy fragrance is built around beautiful, natural white sandalwood and is completed by combining white and pink musk. Extremely elegant, this perfume has a milky and velvety accord that stimulates energy and instantly lifts the mood.

Initio Parfums Initiation Coffret Review

Rehab is all about the pure pleasure of perfume. Using natural raw materials, Initio has created a warm and unique olfactive note. This comes from the combination of Bergamot, natural Lavender, Black Pepper and various Spices. Although this perfume may make you think it is for the elder, it has a modern approach.

Side Effect

Inside the Carnal blends collection are three unique and society-challenging fragrances. This is for you if you are looking for a perfume few people have. The collection was designed by combining powerful and distinctive ingredients to awaken your empire of the senses. The Side Effect fragrance is a mesmerizing and highly addictive mixture of Tobacco, Vanilla, Rum and Cinnamon notes. It is almost powerful enough to cast spells on those that cross your path. It lifts the veil on the unsayable.

Initio Parfums Initiation Coffret
Atomic Rose

The ultimate definition of contrast. Atomic Rose is an olfactory explosion of pure energy. Just like the blush on your cheeks, this perfume has a rush of rose.

Blessed Baraka

Last of all is the Absolutes Collection. Reminiscing ancestral memories of perfume by using some of the most mystical substances. These perfumes are full of charisma. They will leave an invisible trail behind you as your move through the different spaces. The Blessed Baraka scent is a solar perfume that influences the hand of fate. Using a trio of Musk, Sandalwood and Amber, luminous energy surrounds its user.

Where To Buy It?

Initio Parfums Initiation Coffret is available at:

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