The NEW Initio Parfums Narcotic Delight Review

The NEW Initio Parfums Narcotic Delight Review

Initio parfums are back with a NEW and provocative scent in the Carnal Blends collection called Narcotic Delight. Rich in fragrance and character the perfume teases the curiosity of those surrounding you!

Narotic Delight Eau de Parfum

Initio Parfums Narcotic Delight Review

It's time to get to know this sensual shot of perfume a whole lot better! The Narcotic Delight unisex perfume has a unique scent and lasts you through the day and night. You will electrify your senses and unleash a hidden darkness with one spritz of this ultra-vibrant scent. The perfume is composed of sweet and smoky notes that complement any outfit perfectly. I love how Initio Parfums has kept its production in France and how the perfumes have cruelty-free formulas.

A Carnal Blend of Addictive Notes

The Narcotic Delight fragrance invites us to embrace the hidden parts of our character. The perfume will mark those who discover its sillage using a rich and voluptuous blend of notes. I couldn't believe how well the variety of notes worked together!

Initio Parfums Narcotic Delight Review

The Initio Eau de parfum opens on a pretty sweet note of Cherry, Cognac, and Vanilla. These deep and rich notes blend perfectly, creating a round and stimulating start. These notes follow a more masculine blend of Black & Pink Pepper, Tobacco, and Hedione. Imagine the smoke of a cigar being captured and bottled. That's precisely what the Narcotic Delight scent is about. Combined with Hedione, a molecule that stimulates the pleasure zones of the mind, this perfume left a lasting impression on me and my partner.

The Carnal Blend Collection

Like a true Empire of Senses, this collection of unisex perfumes dares to take classical scents to the next level by using unique notes and trying new combinations. The perfumes inside this collection are a mixture of fantasies and raw materials that spike our deepest desires and reveal a hidden side of our character to others. Exciting, out of the ordinary, and pushing the boundaries, will you dare try them?

Initio Parfums Narcotic Delight Review

My Review

Initio Parfums has an exceptional approach to how much perfume influences our lives and well-being. That being said, their latest addition to the Carnal Blend collection is the first of its kind. Narcotic Delight is a silky smooth scent that takes you on a journey through the different faces of pleasure. From good to bad and everything in between, this perfume has become one of my favourite scents this year. The smoky tobacco note in the fragrance is not overpowering and perfectly compliments the fruitier side.

I love how the perfume takes a different finish depending on the skin pH. This gives slightly different finishes later on; I noticed this while trying the perfume simultaneously with my partner. I recommend this perfume to those who want a stand-out scent that reflects their fiery and sensual self. It lasts a super long time and is as delicious as mentioned. Narcotic Delight is an instant mood booster that will leave you confident, glamorous, and unbeatable.

Also, check out another favourite from the house, Oud for Greatness (review here). It  is ideal if you are into stronger-smelling scents and have a long-lasting love for Oud. 

Where To Buy It?

Initio Parfums Narcotic Delight is available at:

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