Initio Perfums Musk Therapy Extrait De Parfum Review

Initio Perfums Musk Therapy Extrait De Parfum Review

A perfume unlike any other

All of the Musk lovers out there should give this gem a try! If you are looking for unique and long-lasting perfume, Musk therapy is the one.

Initio Perfums Musk Therapy Extrait De Parfum Review
The Musk Therapy Fragrance

Initio is well known for its outstanding fragrances and unique combinations of ingredients. Initio takes you on a sensual journey in this perfume through ultra-addictive and milky notes. The Musk therapy perfume is an extrait de parfum that is long-lasting and mood-enhancing. With each spray of perfume, drift into a sensation of relaxation and well-being.

Initio Perfums Musk Therapy Extrait De Parfum Review
Part of the Hedonist Collection

Initio's range of perfumes is classed into six families of fragrances. All unique to their kind, the Hedonist collection is all about the pursuit of pleasure. And what better to please the senses than perfume?

Inside the Hedonist collection are three fragrances, including the Musk therapy scent. Created to accompany you on your life journey, these scents do more than smell amazing.

Initio Perfums Musk Therapy Extrait De Parfum Review
Initio Perfums Musk Therapy Extrait De Parfum Review
The Notes

Initio selected the highest quality ingredients to create the relaxing olfactive universe of Musk therapy.

  • Head notes: The extrait de parfum opens up with a velvety note of White sandalwood and pink Musk. Floral and woody, these notes bring a sensation of comfort and safety.
  • Heart notes: In the fragrance's heart lies a more vibrant combination of White Magnolia and Cassis. The floral touch of Magnolia activates the pleasure receptors while the cassis awakens your inner wildness.
  • Lastly, the Base notes: The perfume ends on a refreshing Bergamot and Mandarin citrus base. This is perfect for revitalizing and instantly boosts your mood. The last note is White Musk. Powdery and very close to the skin will add hours to your perfume.
Initio Perfums Extrait De Parfum Review
Guide To Classing Perfumes By Longevity

Worry no more if you have ever stood in a perfume store and wondered why there are so many different types; I am here to clarify all that.

Perfumes exist in multiple concentrations, affecting their longevity and intensity (most fragrances are combined with alcohol). Here you will find a list of fragrance types from the lightest to the strongest:

  • Cologne
  • Eau Fraiche
  • Eau de toilette
  • Eau de parfum
  • Extrait de parfum
  • Essence de parfum
  • Parfum: 100% perfume
Initio Perfums Review
My Review

Initio fragrances have always stood out to me. From their exquisite design to their one-of-a-kind notes, I 100% recommend these scents if you don't want to be wearing the same perfume as your neighbor. The Musk therapy perfume is exactly how I imagined it. The scents last an amazingly long time and bring a burst of light and comfort to your day. I used this perfume as my daily scent and always got compliments.

I love how smooth and welcoming the perfume is and love to take a minute when applying it. In conclusion, Initio perfumes are for those that take pleasure in the small moments in life.

Also, check out Atomic Rose fragrance from the house. (review here) Overall, it is an explosion of comfort, elegance and sensuality. 

Where To Buy It?

Initio Perfume Musk Therapy Extrait De Parfum is available at:

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