Parfums de Marly Perseus Review

Parfums de Marly Perseus Review

Discover the tales of Perseus and its deep-rooted history within the Parfums de Marly castle. Warm and aromatic, the Perseus perfume will bring a pure ray of happiness into your day.

The Perseus Fragrance

Parfums de Marly Perseus Review

Parfums de Marly is launching the Spring/ Summer perfume with their new Perseus perfume release. The refreshing and captivating essence is rich in citrussy and luminous notes. 

The Perseus perfume invites us to revisit the brand's history: The Parfums de Marly castle. At this royal residence, catching the first sun rays spreading across the lush gardens was not uncommon. It is from this moment of pure beauty that Perseus is imagined.

The Perseus scent is radiant and combines a blend of classical male perfume notes. The perfume leaves a powerful and hypnotic trail from Grapefruit's freshness to Vetiver's greenness and earthiness.

Parfums de Marly Perseus Review

The Notes

Head notes: The perfume opens with a citrussy and refreshing blend of Grapefruit, Bergamot, and Blackcurrant Bud. Fruity and sweet, these notes slowly fade over time.

Heart notes: In the heart of the Perseus fragrance is a more masculine and green blend of Vetiver, Green Mandarin, and Geranium. Vetiver is a well-known perfume ingredient that men and women generally adore for its earthy tones.

Base notes: The perfume closes out with a smooth, long-lasting woody blend: dry woods, Cashmere wood, and an Ambergris accord.

My Review

The Perseus scent is divine in all senses! From its glorious yellow bottle to its warm and comforting scent. Like the first ray of light in the morning, this perfume instantly boosts your mood and completes your outfit with a luminous aura. I recommend it to those who like fresher scents, such as Hugo Boss or even Aqua di Gio! The perfume lasted a long time on my husband's, and it's clear to say we both can't get enough of this scent. Parfum de Marly has a good competitor for the best Spring scent of 2024.

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Where To Buy It?

Parfums de Marly Perseus is available at:

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