Roja Reckless Parfum Review

Roja Reckless Parfum Review

It is often said that perfume is an extension of our character, precisely what Roja Reckless is about. Designed with a carefree and rule-breaking mindset, this hypnotizing Eau de Parfum will spike interest in those around you.

The Reckless eau de parfum.

Roja Reckless Parfum Review

From the name down to the scent itself, this perfume is about following your heart and your rules. The sunny and sweet fragrance takes its wearer on a grand adventure through the floral and warm notes. Releasing its scent in bursts of energy throughout the day, it is a feminine fragrance for the fearless and bold.

The notes.

Roja Reckless Parfum Review

Reckless has a playful character and is ideal for an everyday perfume. The scent opens up on a rather dynamic note of Bergamot, Mandarin, and Orange. A great mood booster in the morning, the perfume sets you up for the day ahead. The graceful and floral heart of Geranium, Rose de Mai, Neroli, and Jasmin de Grasse follows. This blend of summerly, warm flowers creates a sensation of joy and comfort. 

And last but not least comes a chocolate, warm note of Coriander, Pink Pepper, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Vanilla, Styrax, and Musk. The base notes of the fragrance add a touch of mystery and strength to the scent. Just like its fearless wearer, the perfume hypnotizes all those in its passage.

Roja Reckless Parfum Review

My review.

From the moment I lay eyes on the beautiful blue diamond bottle, I knew this scent would find a place in my heart. Roja eau de parfums are all designed to showcase the unique beauty of the scent. As a lover of warm floral scents, Reckless was a delight and impressed me with its long-lasting sillage. The part I most enjoyed about this Eau de parfum is how you experience all of the notes as the perfume evolves from fruity and citrus at the start to a creamy and silky base note. I recommend this scent to those who want sweet floral perfumes, as it is not overpowering but lasts all day. It would make an excellent gift for the holiday period. 

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Where To Buy It?

Roja Reckless Parfum is available at:

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