Sisley Paris Rose Candle Review

Sisley Paris Rose Candle Review

The Izia rose-inspired candle

Whether you know or not the iconic Izia fragrance, this candle will leave your indoors feeling luxuriously welcoming.

Sisley Paris Rose Candle Review
The Inspiration

The rose-scented candle from Sisley is a work of art. From the packaging to the refined fragrance it releases, this candle s worth every penny. The brand got its inspiration from loving Madame Isabelle d'Ornano's rose garden. Having previously created the Izia rose fragrance around the floral garden, it sets a relaxing mood in any space. Using botanical freshness, the rose candle is elegant at its best. The burgundy lacquered glass case looks extremely classy on any surface, and when you take a step closer, it reveals the sunshine yellow wax. This colour is inspired by the heart of its iconic flower.

Sisley Paris Rose Candle Review

The candle is available in two formats: 165g and 950g. Choosing the correct size matters on where you plan on using the candle. The bigger the space, the bigger the candle. You can expect anywhere from 45 to 140 hours of use from these formats and should only burn the candle for 2 hours each time.

Sisley Paris Rose Candle Review
The Scent
  • Top notes: The candle blossoms with a soft Lemon botanical note. It is refreshing your space.
  • Heart notes: This candle is all about roses. The powdery queen of flowers brings a calm ad soothing mood to your house.
  • Base notes: To complete this fragrance Sisley added a warmer woody note of Musk, Amber, and Sandalwood. These notes linger in the air for hours.
Sisley Paris Rose Candle Review
My Review

Having previously tested Izia, I had an idea of what to expect. The rose candle delivers a constant fragrance into the room and melts out to perfection each time. I love how you have a beautiful scent within 10 minutes of lighting this candle. I recommend this candle to all lovers of floral aromas, as the warm and fresher notes push the rose to the front. It is worth spending the extra dollars on a high-quality candle as you can use it for longer. Although this is a floral scent, my husband loves it. So ladies, don't worry. The guys adore it too!

Where To Buy It?

Sisley Paris Rose Candle is available at:

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