Trudon Astral Holiday Collection | Gabriel Candle Review

Trudon Astral Holiday Collection | Gabriel Candle Review

This holiday season sets a cozy and welcoming mood for your family get-togethers with the NEW Astral holiday collection.

The Astral holiday collection.

Trudon Astral Holiday Collection Review

This year, Trudon is sparking a magical atmosphere with its range of candles. Setting its sights on the stars, the brand celebrates its 380th anniversary.

The collection is composed of four scented candles that are available in three sizes. The candles measure H: 10,5 cm Ø: 9 cm and have a burning time of 55-60 hours. 

The scents.

  • Altair: Oud and rose.
  • Fir: Christmas tree.
  • Gloria: Wood and spices.
  • Gabriel: Gourmand Chimney Fire.

Trudon Astral Gabriel candle.

Trudon Gabriel Candle Review

Dressed in a glorious green case, the Gabriel candle sets the perfect vibe for those cozy evening nights. The inside of the candle is decorated with gold leaf that creates a soft halo of golden beams. The scent is divinely warm and welcoming, diffusing a combination of leather, cashmere wood, and candied chestnut notes.

My Review.

After discovering the whole collection, my heart set on the Gabriel scent. I am always on the lookout for new and unique Christmas scents, and if, like me, you want something original, then Trudon is a sure value. I highly recommend their candles as they smell great and last a long time. 

Trudon Gabriel Candle Review

Other products in the Trudon Astral collection.

  • Six sented madeleines.

Originally used to light up the Madeleine church, these fragrant and elegantly presented candles are perfect for placing on the dinner table. The candles are created from high-quality wax and hold the iconic Trudon emblem. This holiday season welcomes the Gabriel scent to the taper candle range.

  • Solis Rex Topper.

Made from gold brass, this candle topper is the most luxurious way to keep your candles smelling great for a long time. The topper is decorated with a sun handle and fits all traditional candles. 

  • Gift box.

Are you looking for a beautiful gift this Christmas? If so, this duo set of small Gabriel and Gloria (review here) candles will please! Dressed in a red box, the two scented candles make the perfect home gift for the season.

Another favourite is Abd El Kader from the house. (review here)

Where To Buy It?

Trudon Astral Holiday Collection is available at:

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