Trudon The Alabasters – Vesta Candle Review

Trudon The Alabasters – Vesta Candle Review

Today I am reviewing the Vesta candle and telling you why I had to bring it home with me. Having tried the “Trudon x Balmain” edition earlier in the year, I knew I wanted to stick with the brand. With the new season setting in, I thought it was time to change up my interior.

Trudon The Alabasters - Vesta Candle Review
The Alabaster Range

The Vesta candle is sculpted from a single block of Alabaster stone. I mean, what a work of art. The Romans, Greeks and Egyptians deeply admired this soft stone for its ability to filter light. The Alabaster forms a minimalistic and warmly lit case away from the original green glass. Also, the matching top to protect your candle is an excellent addition to the traditional Truson candle.

Trudon The Alabasters Candle Review
Trudon The Alabasters - Vesta Candle Review
The Fragrance of Vesta

The richly perfumed wax releases a fruity chypre accord into the space of your choice. Bringing a calming and comfortable sensation to those close by.

Heart Notes: Freesia, Jasmine, Rose.

Starting on a floral note, the candle awakens the room with a sweet and gentle trio. Combined, the different flowers create a harmonious and long-lasting fragrance.

Base Notes: Tangerine, Moss, Musk.

Trudon added zestful tangerine and earthy notes to complement the floral accord. Also, this adds a whole other level of class and elegance.

Trudon Vesta Candle Review
The Story of Vesta

You may have already heard of the Vesta asteroid. Holding the name of a Roman deity, it fits perfectly into the Alabaster collection. Known throughout ancient mythology, Vesta's presence is represented by a holy fire/ eternal flame. Yet again very fitting.

Hence, the inspiration behind the candle, bringing you comfort and a halo of warm light.

Trudon The Alabasters - Vesta Candle Review
The Art

Trudon The Alabasters – Vesta Candle offers around 55/ 60h of burning time. I have rarely seen such a dedicated and perfectionist brand in candle making. Here are a few reasons you can be sure about Trudons quality:

Performance: The brand uses raw materials to create its unique scents. Also, these materials are selected and assembled by world-class perfumers.

Handmade in Normandy, France, the candles go through multiple hands to reach you. The human eye has a knick for detail. That's why all the candles are poured and prepped by hand.

Also, from waxing to packaging, all the finishing details, like labels, stickers, and boxing, are done by humans.

Trudon The Alabasters - Vesta Candle Review
Trudon The Alabasters - Vesta Candle Review
My Review

I have now had my candle for over two weeks and adore it. Trudon candles are generally beautiful, but this collection is stunning. Above all, the candle fits perfectly into my home decor and dresses up and the surface it's presented on.

I burn the candle for around 2 hours each time and love the wave of light and freshness it brings to my home. The fragrance is slightly powdery and floral, hanging around for a long time, even after the candle is out.

I also love that this candle comes with a top, as I generally reuse the holders when the candle is finished. Thus, this will be perfect for my makeup bar.

Also, check another favourite of mine here. The Balmain x Trudon Candle is such a delight for year around.

Where To Buy It?

Trudon Candles are available at:

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