Veronique Gabai Sur La Plage Review

Veronique Gabai Sur La Plage Review

The summer scent you need this season: Veronique Gabai “Sur La Plage”

The French perfume’s Sur La Plage translates to “on the beach,” and that’s precisely the thought this floral-marine scent brings to mind.

Veronique Gabai Sur La Plage Review

It is scientifically proven that our smell is linked to our memories. Through perfume Veronique Gabai tells a beachside tale, transporting us to our sandy souvenirs.

Made from genuine ingredients, “Sur La Plage” is a high-quality fragrance from the bottle to the vibrant juice inside. Naked skin, hot sun and salty water notes are released through a balmy perfume mist. The aroma was designed to be genderless and can be laid with another scent from her range.

Beaming like the sun, this golden metallic bottle is made to last a long time. It is released in two formats 10ml as well as the one pictured, 85ml. The bottles are both refillable and recyclable.

Veronique Gabai Sur La Plage Review
The Notes

Orange blossom, Magnolia, Jasmine, Tuberose.

This perfume has a powerful, solar character with a rich floral bouquet. Composed of mostly white flowers, the scent is fresh and brings sensuality to those who wear it. Jasmine is a great flower to use to add longevity to a fragrance. Meaning this beauty should last you a while.

The dried pink pepper berries are known for their aromatic scent. Perfectly matched with floral notes, they add balance as well as warm, gentle spice to the perfume.

Lastly, we have the smooth, woody notes of the Cedarwood. Bringing harmony to the perfume, it is also what gives off the marine, salty, watered scent.

Veronique Gabai Sur La Plage
My Experience

Having recently discovered Veronique Gabai’s Aroma collection, I was excited to test her range of perfumes. “Sur La Plage” lives up to its image. From the very first time I smelt this fragrance, I loved it. The perfume has fresh, uplifting notes that we all know very well, yet this perfume hits differently. Above all, Veronique Gabai has mastered the art of perfume; each scent telling a story becomes more personal.

Veronique Gabai Sur La Plage Review

Easy to wear, this perfume is great for everyday use or as an elegantly pure signature fragrance. The floral notes lasted me through the day, releasing themselves like waves hitting the shore. Above all, I adore Veronique Gabai’s products’ transparency concerning the composition and the bottle’s lifetime. Therefore, I 100% recommend checking out her range of fragrances.

Where To Buy It?

Veronique Gabai Sur La Plage is available at:

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