Aesop Haircare Routine & Review

Aesop Haircare Routine & Review

My 3-Step Aesop Routine to Healthy Hair and Scalp

Thanks to Aesop, my hair has never looked better! Today I am sharing my Aesop haircare routine with you all, and this is ideal for those that want a simple hair care routine to revolutionize their locks.

Cleanse From The Roots Up With Aesop Shampoo
Aesop Haircare Review

Cleansing is one of the essential steps of a hair routine and is hugely underestimated. The Aesop Shampoo gives you an enlivening experience with each hair wash. From its rich lather to its beautiful citrus, earthy, and wood scent, this shampoo is thus all about enjoying the experience. The shampoo captures impurities and sweat at the roots and along the hair shaft.

Aesop Shampoo Review

Suitable for all hair types and most scalp types, including sensitive ones, makes it ideal for sharing. Aesop believes your hair should be washed as needed. You will find a Bergamot Rind, Frankincense, and Cedar Atlas trio at the heart of their formula. Also, this cleanser is gentle on the skin and hair, leaving a soft, shiny, and fragrant finish.

Condition With Aesop Conditioner
Aesop Conditioner Review

Next up is the complimentary conditioner. Using the same base formula as the shampoo, the conditioner helps to restore moisture to the lengths of your hair. Enriched in amino acids, your hair gains a soft, hydrated finish that lasts throughout the day. Also, the conditioner is creamy and allows you to detangle your hair quickly. It is suitable for most hair types, including fragile as well as coloured. Therefore, this conditioner helps with a natural shine without weighing down the hair.

Aesop Haircare Review
Why So Many Products?

Here are a few answers to why we use many different products to wash and hydrate our hair.

  • Shampoo cleanses the scalp, which means its formula respects the skin's natural pH.
  • The conditioner works on lengths and tips. With a richer texture, applying a conditioner to your roots, therefore, can reduce your spacing between washes.
  • Masks are designed to treat more in-depth a particular concern. Thus, they should be applied on the lengths and tips and need time to penetrate.
Treat With Rose Hair And Scalp Mask
Aesop Hair Mask Review

If your hair needs some extra TLC, the rose hair and scalp mask is a must. Add this treatment to your routine at least once a week to deeply rehydrate and nourish your hair and scalp. The intensive conditioning treatment helps to restore vitality and offers an extra-soft touch to your hair. It also works wonders on dry and flaky scalps, helping to soothe discomfort and irritations. The mask has a warm, woody scent and a rich, creamy texture. Work the mask through your lengths with your fingers, allowing the trio of Rose Petal, Beta-Carotene, and Lavender Stem to work their magic. Above all, this mask worked wonders on my itchiness, and I wouldn't go without it. Also, check the detailed review of Aesop Rose Hair And Scalp Mask here.

Aesop Hair Mask Review
My Experience

Aesop haircare products are highly reliable and offer visible results to the hair and scalp. Helping to restore and balance your natural defences, this routine is thus perfect for every day and throughout the family.

I stick with Aesop because their products leave no dry or tangled effect on my hair. This allows me to style my hair quickly. The products smell divine, and I look forward to my wash day.

In addition, for body care, I am currently enjoying the Resolute Hydrating Body Balm (review here) and Rozu (review here) for an everyday scent.

Where To Buy It?

Aesop Haircare – Shampoo, Conditioner and Rose Hair And Scalp Mask are available at:

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