Beauty Heroes Box Featuring Bathing Culture Review

Beauty Heroes Box Featuring Bathing Culture Review

Bathing Culture is a sustainable body care range introduced by Spencer Arnold and Tim Hollinger, who started by making soaps from hand. The brand uses only natural and organic ingredients to make its products which are paraben free. Bathing Culture makes several assorted products, such as bath salts, refreshing body washes, sanitizers, and essential oils. All products made at Bathing Culture are recyclable and eco-friendly. The brand caters to all your bathing needs and provides you with the best luxurious bathing products for relaxing shower time.

Beauty Heroes Box Featuring Bathing Culture Review

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Beauty Heroes January 2023 Box Featuring Bathing Culture

Bathing Culture has introduced a 4-piece bath and shower ritual for its first January discovery. This ritual is a package of bath and shower products and an aromatic immersion of invigoratingly scented products made from recyclable ingredients that are gentle on the skin.

Made from natural, biodegradable, and environment-friendly ingredients, these products have a modern-classic touch that can be a part of your daily personal care routine. And is sure to give you a veritable experience. The Beauty Heroes Box comes with a 4-piece ritual and three new scents.

Bathing Culture Skincare Review
Mind and Body Wash in New! Meadow Vision scent

The Mind and Body Wash comes in a recyclable PET bottle. The body has a cathedral grove scent that will transport you to the canopies of Northern California. It is packed with a meadowy and woody scent with a soft and silky texture that is gentle on the skin. The scent is just something that will instantly relax and calm you. The body wash contains sunflower seed oil, 100% organic shea butter, organic aloe juice, olive oil, and rosemary leaf extract. Moreover, the benevolent scent of the body wash invigorates your senses and gives a soothing effect on your skin and mind.

Bathing Culture Bodycare Review
Kelp Forest Shampoo in New! Break Water scent

The Kelp Forest Shampoo from Bathing Culture comes with a new breakwater scent that immediately transports you to the pacific waters and reminds you of the cool and gentle ocean air. The shampoo consists of sea kelp extract loaded with vitamin C and omega 3, which give hair the shine it deserves. Also, there is argan oil that provides your hair strength to withstand daily damage. Magnolia flower oil and clary sage seed oil give you that extra lather and rejuvenating scent for a healthy shower experience. 

Bathing Culture Haircare Shampoo Conditioner Review
Good Seed Conditioner in New! Nude Beach scent

The Good Seed Conditioner from Bathing Culture has a new nude beach scent. It reminds you of the sandy beaches and sun-drenched skin. The conditioner contains seeds, stems, and flowers, making it completely biodegradable. The product contains amaranth seed extracts that reduce frizz. Argan, carrot and celery extract provide your hair with the nutrition it needs. Also, there is aloe that promotes scalp growth; and castor seeds to keep your hair hydrated and silky. Overall, the conditioner is gentle and suitable for all hair types. It is safely formulated for all coloured hair so you rest assured.

Bathing Culture Review
Heat Wave Body Oil in New! Nude Beach scent

The Heat Wave Body Oil contains Arnica which instantly heals your skin from inflammation and ultraviolet radiations, healing the skin from the core. The product is a mixture of rice bran oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oils that provide you with all the benefits in just one pump while making your skin soft, smooth, healthy, moisturized, and radiant. The nude beach scent reminds you of the good sunny days on the beach with the ocean waves running in the background and the blistering sun rays that fall on your skin. The oil also helps with soreness and skin irritation by sealing in moisture and creating a gentle warming effect.

Bathing Culture Body Oil Review

I discovered Ayuna Terra Fluida Tightening Plasma Mask from Beauty-Heroes last month, and I have to say it is a facial in a jar. Read more about this fantastic mask here. Also, Check out last month's discovery here.

Where To Buy It?

Beauty Heroes Box Featuring Bathing Culture and Bathing Culture products are available at:

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