Ayuna Terra Fluida Tightening Plasma Mask Review

Ayuna Terra Fluida Tightening Plasma Mask Review

“A Lymphatic drainage” in a bottle

We have all heard of the wonders of lymphatic drainage. But what if you could get the same benefits from a facial mask?

Ayuna Terra Fluida Tightening Plasma Mask Review

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The Plasma Mask

Our skin is affected by daily situations such as pollution, weather and hygiene. This facial mask helps boost circulation, draining and tightening the facial skin. By increasing the fundamental actions of the skin, it has better oxygenation and appearance. Alongside this, the mask helps eliminate impurities that can cause skin deterioration. It helps reduce and prevent wrinkles, furrows, and uneven texture. The light blue mask has a three-dimensional gel texture. Protected by its unique ceramic container, it is one of the most sustainable products.

Crafted in Spain by hand, it is 100 % recyclable.

Ayuna Terra Fluida Tightening Plasma Mask Review
Ayuna Mask Review
How Does It Work?

The mask is said to work on both a CIRCULATORY LEVEL and an emotional level.

Inspired by a well-known technique called KINESIOLOGY TAPE. The Terra Fluida lifts the epidermis to mobilise the more profound layers underneath. Inside their light, fluffy formula hides a powerful active: Β-escin. Made from a natural blend of saponins extracted from Horse Chestnut. The mask helps redefine the jawline and facial oval, reduce redness & inflammation, and minimise puffiness & toxicity.

Highly draining, AYUNA Terra Fluida Tightening Plasma Mask reaches out to the deeper parts of the skin that need a push forward. It resets your skin by reactivating all the slow or sleeping motions.

Ayuna skincare Review
Ayuna Terra Fluida Tightening Plasma Mask Review
Fighting Environmental Harm

Ayuna has a massive project at the heart of its brand. As the years go by, our planet and ourselves are suffering more and more. Ayuna decided it was time to take action and push the cosmetic industry in the right direction. How?

-Ceramic containers: The brand packages its mask in a ceramic container. Created with clay, it reveals its natural colour.

-Fully recyclable packaging: The box of the products is protected by our 100 % recyclable. Made of FSC® kraft board, it reduces the amount of packaging necessary.

-Clean formulas: The products undergo a refined analysis before reaching your hands. The brand selects only the purest activities that are safe for humans and the world.

Ayuna Terra Fluida Tightening Plasma Mask Review
Ayuna Terra Fluida Tightening Plasma Mask Review
My Review

Ayuna certainly knows what they are doing when designing its products. The packaging on these products is a work of art. It is the first time my skincare has come in a ceramic pot, and it looks great! Just don’t drop it.

The Plasma mask itself looks and feels fantastic. Its ocean blue colour and gentle fresh scent make it a pure delight to use. I love the texture and feeling it has on the skin. After trying it out over two weeks, this mask works wonders. My skin was so much firmer and brighter. I could instantly feel the soothing action from the mask. I recommend this product to women of all ages and those who are sustainably conscious of their actions. It is a great mask and would make a unique gift under the Christmas tree this season.

On a side note, I recently started using Josh Rosebrook's new Ultra Peptide cream, which has become a new favourite. It is part of the December Beauty Discovery from Beauty-Heroes.

Where To Buy It?

AYUNA Terra Fluida Tightening Plasma Mask is available at:

Use code VELVET15 for 15% off

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