Kerastase Blond Absolu Sérum Cicanuit Review

Kerastase Blond Absolu Sérum Cicanuit Review

I always disliked my hair getting bleached from using the wrong serum. I wanted something to moisturize my hair and keep it shiny and fresh when looking for a solution. Lucky me, Kerastase Serum Cicanuit was there for me in time. The serum brought more advantages than you can imagine. Since the first time I used it, I have loved it, and I bet you would too! After seeing how I benefited, I guarantee you would probably be seeking the serum.

Kerastase Blond Absolu Sérum Cicanuit Review
Top Reasons Why I Love Kerastase Serum Cicanuit
1)   Softness and Smoothening

For good glooming and exceptional hair beauty, use Kerastase Serum Cicanuit. I always wanted my hair to be straightened and silky soft. Fortunately, Kerastase Serum Cicanuit got me there! The sleek look that comes with it makes me feel confident. Again, it also makes it easier for me to maintain neatness.

2)   Amazing for blonde hair

Using the wrong serum on my blonde hair led to a menace that I had to hide for some time. My hair was bleached. However, the problem has been adequately resolved since my first use of Kerastase Serum Cicanuit. I no longer fear having my hair lose its original colour.

Kerastase Serum Cicanuit Review
3)   No oily or greasy hair

I wouldn’t say I like applying oily hair products for several reasons. Greasy hair attracts dirt, makes me sweaty, and is weighty. It keeps me uncomfortable most of the time. For these and more, that’s why I have permanently opted for this hair serum. It does make hair oily, and hence no dandruff, dirt or sweat.

4)   Strengthens my hair

Hair loss or breaking had been the most frustrating thing I encountered in my hair care. Finding a good serum wasn’t easy, so I fell in love with Kerastase Serum Cicanuit to solve my problems. It has been years now, and I still count this a God-given gift for me!

5)   Saves time

Maintaining your hair takes time, or at least mine did. Probably that’s the reason I was quick to recognize the benefits of using Kerastase Serum Cicanuit. Before going to sleep, I always apply the serum to my hair and let it stay overnight. Since there is no requirement to rinse it in the morning, I usually wake up when the magic is already done. I rarely waste time making my hair in the morning!

Kerastase Serum Cicanuit Review
6)   Good Scent

This serum is not the hair serum you apply, and it denies you sleep because of its foul odour. You’re free to choose the flavour that makes you most comfortable. For me, peony flavour is my favourite. Other flavours that could be optional for users include fig, cedar, neroli, mandarin, and bergamot.

While everyone has a free choice to opt for a particular hair serum, for me, Kerastase Serum Cicanuit remains the best by far. That’s because of the reasons mentioned above, plus it’s easy to apply and is cheap.

Also, I recently started using Kerastase Initialiste Serum and it has been a part of my scalp care since then. For weekly hair care, I rotate with 8H Magic Night Serum.

Where To Buy It?

Kerastase Serum Cicanuit is available at:

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