Chantecaille Sheer Glow Rose Face Tint Review

Chantecaille Sheer Glow Rose Face Tint Review

The fresh-faced baby skin glow is all the rage right now, and if you are wondering how to get quick and healthy-looking skin, then the sheer glow rose face tint is for you.

With a light gel-crème texture, it helps blur lines and uneven complexions. Leaving you with smoothed-out skin this cream is perfect to use as a makeup base. Your skin will look healthy and have a gentle glow to it.

Chantecaille Sheer Glow Rose Face Tint
Key Ingredients

Enriched with potent botanicals, Chantecaille selected three key ingredients:

  • TAMARIND EXTRACT – Incredibly moisturizing these natural ingredients is very similar to hyaluronic acid. They are locking in water throughout the day.
  • MONDO GRASS EXTRACT – Helping restore balance to the skin's protective barrier. Skin appears softer and keeps a good moisture level.
  • MATRIXYL 3000: TETRAPEPTIDES – Targeting early signs of ageing such as lines and lack of firmness.
Chantecaille Sheer Glow Rose Face Tint Review
Why is my skin so dull?

Dull skin is a common sign that your skin is struggling at some point. It can be caused by dry, dehydrated skin or a lack of exfoliation. When there is an excess amount of dead skin cells on the skin's surface, this can create uneven, tired-looking skin.

Remember to exfoliate regularly and give your skin a well-needed boost with a face mask.

Drinking plenty of water and moisturizing your skin daily is the best way to fight dullness and ageing.

Chantecaille Sheer Glow Rose Face Tint Review
My ReviewSheer Glow Rose Face Tint

If you are looking for an everyday moisturizing cream with a kick, then look no further. Suitable for all skin types, its light gel-creme texture melts into the skin in seconds. Offering your skin all the goodness it needs to feel and look great. Plant-based actives work with your skin to activate your natural glow with an added shimmer. Chantecaille Sheer Glow Rose Face Tint doesn't leave a shine or grease on the skin, making it a perfect day cream. I applied it before my foundation as a base and a touch to the centre of my lips to highlight them. I also use it along with Anti-Ageing Face Tint for a warm and radiant complexion. Simple yet efficient this cream is a no-risk purchase. Time to glow up!

Also, read about my current favourite fragrance from Chantecaille.

Where To Buy It?

Chantecaille Sheer Glow Rose Face Tint is available at:

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