Manucurist Trip to The Souk Collection – Autumn 2023 Review

Manucurist Trip to The Souk Collection – Autumn 2023 Review

With Autumn just around the corner, I have started looking into NEW semi-permanent nail varnishes. As a regular client of the Manucurist brand, I had to share their brand-new Trip to the Souk collection with you.

Manucurist Trip to The Souk Collection - Autumn 2023 Review

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The Trip To The Souk Collection

Inspired by the colorful alleys of the traditional Souks, this collection of four new semi-permanent varnish shades will have your nails looking perfect without impacting the planet. The Autumn 23 collection comprises five unique varnishes, four of which are the Trip to the Souk collection. In soothing tones, the varnishes offer an easy and flawless application each time.

  • Sauge: Perfect blend of blue and green
  • Artichaut: A vibrant green
  • Metallic: Gold shimmer
  • Brique: A brick red color
Manucurist Trip to The Souk Collection Review
The Cleanest Nail Varnish Around!

If you love refined nails and arty designs, look no further than the Manicurists range of Biosourced, Hema-free formulas. This collection of semi-permanent nail lacquers works just like the traditional ones but with a whole lot less chemicals.

How To Use Them?

To apply the manicurist semi-permanent varnishes, you will need a base coat, a shade of choice, a top coat, and an LED light.

Make sure to start on a clean nail, free of other products. The semi-permanent nail varnishes must be set under a UV lamp to dry. Apply your products as you would a regular nail varnish, and for each layer, set it under the lamp for 20-30 secs. Do his for each layer and end your application on a 45-60sec lamp setting.

Manucurist Trip to The Souk Collection Swatches
Why Choose Semi-Permanent?

The manicurist semi-permanent nail varnishes are ideal for those wanting a long-lasting and highly resistant varnished nail. This could be an excellent option if you need more patience or time to let your varnish dry. Semi-permanent gives your nails a slightly thicker appearance and a smooth, lacquered finish.

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My Review

The Trip to the Souk collection is perfect for the fall season with its soft yet colorful shades. I love to play around with diverse colors, and they also work great for making details, such as gold designs. I recommend these varnishes as they last up to 10 days and do not damage the nail on removal. This is great if you are trying to grow out your nails!

Also, check out my entire nail care routine from the brand (review here).

Where To Buy It?

Manucurist Trip to The Souk Collection – Autumn 2023 is available at:

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