Sisley Paris Phyto-Cernes Eclat Review

Sisley Paris Phyto-Cernes Eclat Review

After recently reviewing the stylo corrector from Sisley, I am sharing with you the complete guide to their corrector collection. Made up of 3 unique correctors, choosing the right one for you has always been challenging.

Three Sisley Correctors – How Do They Differ?

As one of the many essential steps in a makeup routine, correctors allow you to have that flawless skin finish. When selecting your corrector, you must consider what and how you want to cover the skin. Let's take a closer look at Sisley's range:

1. Phyto-Cernes Eclat
Sisley Paris Phyto-Cernes Eclat Review

The classic corrector from Sisley has stood strong throughout the years. Delivering a beautifully natural correction to the eye contour, it quickly became one of the brand's best-sellers. It is ideal for hiding and reducing signs of fatigue: dark circles, puffiness and dull skin. Phyto-Cernes are used directly from the tube, equipped with a stainless steel top to apply the corrector.

Using a blend of makeup and skincare, the corrector gives you a great look and treats your under-eye for signs of fatigue. Available in 9 shades, the tinted formula instantly covers dark circles and smooths out the undereye. The corrector has a brush to apply to the harder-to-reach zones, but you can use the excellent metal tip to massage under the eyes. Day by day, you will look and feel better.

2. Stylo Lumiere
Sisley Paris Stylo Lumiere Review

The Stylo Lumiere from Sisley is the perfect addition to highlight and structure your makeup. Bringing radiance to your looks, the super fine fluid brightens and blurs the zones you apply it to. It is ideal for a soft shimmer on the cheek line or to awaken the eyes.

3. Stylo Correct
Sisley Paris Stylo Correct Review

Newest to the corrector collection, the Stylo hides and treats blemished skin. The Stylo glides onto the skin with its highly pigmented formula, giving a full coverage finish—ideal for hiding any redness or blemishes on the face. For a full review, check out our article here.

What's Inside Phyto-Cernes Eclat?

The corrector holds multiple actions and is infused with some of the most potent plant-based actives:

  • Toning: Red vine extract, horsetail extract, arnica.
  • Hydrating: Carrot extract and plant-origin glycerin.
  • Softening: Candeia extract.
  • Protecting: Gingko Biloba extract.
Sisley Paris Phyto-Cernes Eclat Review
Sisley Paris Phyto-Cernes Eclat Review
Sisley Paris Phyto-Cernes Eclat Swatches
My Review

Having suffered from dark circles all my life, I can say that I have tried hundreds of correctors. Curious to give the Phyto-Cernes Eclat a try, here is my experience.

As advised, I applied the Phyto-Cernes directly with the metal tip, which is a great way to awaken your eyes. The fresh tip applies a fine layer of corrector over the dark circle. I was using my finger to blend out the shade. The corrector has medium coverage, meaning people who suffer from purple/ blueish dark circles will still notice them a little. That said, my under-eye looked way smoother and healthy. The formula reflects light to brighten the eyes without a super shiny finish. After wearing it every day for two weeks, I became more comfortable around the eyes.

Where To Buy It?

Sisley Paris Phyto-Cernes Eclat is available at:

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