Sisley-Paris Stylo Correct Concealer Review

Sisley-Paris Stylo Correct Concealer Review

Concealers have gained a place in our daily makeup routines that completely revolutionized our looks. With so many different uses, Sisley has released an incredibly easy-to-use texture and two-in-one skincare and makeup concealer.

Sisley-Paris Stylo Correct Concealer Review
What Is Concealer Used For?

Originally concealer was known to hide/ reduce dark circles under the eyes. Whilst this is still very true, you can use it for so much more:

  • Applying concealer before/ after your foundation: Hide away those unwanted blemishes or redness.
  • Apply it as an eyeshadow base.
  • Structure your face by using a lighter shade.
  • Hide skin pigmentations or scarring.
Sisley-Paris Stylo Correct Concealer Review
The Stylo Correct Concealer

Sisley Paris has released their last generation of concealers, and boy, oh boy, I am happy to see it is a stick format. The concealer pen offers full coverage and a creamy texture that blends out effortlessly. The non-drying texture delivers a luminous matte finish and can be powdered after for a lock-in effect. The concealer has also gained an innovative formula. Targeting blemishes, the stylo corrector helps treat and hide your unwanted guest. The product comes complete with a double-tip format. One side has the concealer pen, and the other has a sponge tip to help smooth out that un easy to access zones.

Sisley-Paris Stylo Correct Concealer Review

Regarding shades, Sisley made an effort on several options. You can mix and match 11 magnificent shades with neutral undertones to the Sisley foundation shades.

The Perfect Combination – As I mentioned earlier, the new concealers treat your skin, but what does this mean exactly? Well, inside the creamy texture, you will find:

Benzoic Acid Minimizes Blemishes – Vitamin E Acetate is an anti-free radical and potent antioxidant. Alpha-bisabolol soothes irritated or stressed skin and reduces discomfort.

Sisley-Paris Stylo Correct Concealer Review

How To Use Them?

The brand has designed the concealer around blemishes and the problems they bring with them. This means you can easily hide redness and pigmentations on the face/ body. You can apply this concealer to any blemish, redness or pigmentation before your foundation. Use your fingers or the sponge tip to blend out the shade. Slowly build up the coverage in layers.

Sisley-Paris Stylo Correct Concealer Swatches
My Review

Concealer is the one product I honestly couldn't live without. Whether it's covering a surprise pimple or trying to mask the deep blue under-eye. I apply this product every day.

What Did I Like?

The first thing I noticed when applying the concealer has a smooth, creamy texture. Easy to use with the stick and blend, the concealer offers medium to high coverage depending on the quantity applied. Its coverage is easy to blend out onto natural skin or makeup.

The Best Fact?

The best part about this concealer is the skincare inside it. The concealer helped my redness so much. Time after time, I could see my skin getting better.

Ultimately in love with the natural look it leaves, I wish the concealer would dry out a little more. I used a loose powder to fix that, but it is not an issue after experiencing the performance and finish of this new favourite of mine.

Also, I have noticed my base makeup applies and looks so well when I have exfoliated my skin. My new favourite is from Sisley, which I shared earlier.

Where To Buy It?

Sisley-Paris Stylo Correct Concealer is available at:

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