Suqqu 2022 Holiday Winter Rose Collection Review

Suqqu 2022 Holiday Winter Rose Collection Review

What an exciting time of year! Most of the brands have released their holiday collections. This year Suqqu has created its products around an elegant and distinguished winter rose. Released on the 4th of November, the collection brings warmth to the cold winter days.

Suqqu 2022 Holiday Winter Rose Collection Review

Let’s take a look at the products:

SUQQU Signature Color Eyes 120, FUYUSOUBI
SUQQU Signature Color Eyes 120, FUYUSOUBI Review Swatches

The collection is made up of the brand’s best-selling products. Styled into limited-edition shades, the eyeshadow palette contains four eye shadows. Mixing warmer and cooler tones can be layered to achieve an intense look. For a more festive finish, add complementary glittering pearls. The palette offers a range of rosy pink with a soft brown and a bluish Bordeaux tint. Thus, perfect for making those green/ greyish eye colours pop.

SUQQU Pure Color Blush
SUQQU Pure Color Blush 136 YUKIGOMORI Review Swatches
SUQQU Pure Color Blush 137 TSUYABAE Review Swatches

The pure colour blush collection brings a fresh bloom to the cheeks. Also, the blusher offers translucency and definition with a gradient shade of glittery pearled powder. There are two shades to choose from:

  • 136, YUKIGOMORI: It is a rosy pink with white-gold glittering pearls.
  • 137, TSUYABAE: This chic reddish-brown with natural beige tones adds warmth.
SUQQU Matte Colour Lip Balm
SUQQU Matte Colour Lip Balm 101 KASUMIBARA Review Swatches

The colour lip balm can be used as a base or standalone lip tint. It leaves a soft matte finish to the lips, ideal for a gentle, elegant look. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, squalene, and jojoba oil: your lips are well protected from the dry winter air. The lip balm was released in one shade:

  • 101, KASUMIBARA: A pale rose lightly tints your lip. It is amazingly comfortable as well as smooth. Easy to apply and build up for medium coverage.
My Experience

I see many purple/ reddish tones this festive season in the collections. I love the deep pink eye shadows that Suqqu selected. When applied, the shades offer an immediate high pigmentation and intensity to the eye. I used them as eyeshadows and watered one down with a liner brush. It looks excellent as eyeliner!

Suqqu 2022 Holiday Winter Rose Collection Swatches

The blushes are also of excellent quality and feel extra light on the cheeks. I would have liked an in-between shade, but all the two limited edition colours look stunning. It was my first time trying this range, and I loved its natural glowy finish.

To finish my look, I tried out the colour lip balm. I am a regular user of lip oils, so comfort is not an unknown thing for me. I am happily surprised by the texture and colour they give. My lips gained a slightly pinker tone and a beautiful matte finish. Overall, I recommend this for people who want a natural look. It would make the perfect replacement for a classical lip balm.

Suqqu 2022 Holiday Winter Rose Collection has found the perfect balance between festivity and regular make-up. Why is this important? When buying my holiday make-up, I want to be able to use this product all winter. And that is the case with this collection. Also, I love alternating with the launches from the Autumn Winter Collection.

Where To Buy It?

Suqqu 2022 Holiday Winter Rose Collection is available at:

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