SUQQU 2023 Winter Makeup Collection Review

SUQQU 2023 Winter Makeup Collection Review

Discover the NEW shimmering makeup collection.

This year, Suqqu opts for a bold yet delicate look for the 2023 winter season. Inspired by cooler tones, the winter collection is a shimmering paradise.

The Suqqu Winter Collection 2023

SUQQU 2023 Winter Makeup Collection Review

The 2023 Suqqu makeup collection comprises ten limited-edition products you will want to take advantage of!

Inside of this fun and gentle collection, you will find:


I have selected my two favorite ranges of products from the Suqqu Winter 2023 collection, and here is why:

The Suqqu Tone Touch Eyes in 114 and 115

Suqqu Tone Touch Eyes in 114 and 115 Review

The Tone Touch eyes is a creamy eyeshadow that can be used in multiple ways. Available in two NEW shades: 114 and 115. The creamy eyeshadows can be applied as a single colour or layered with other colours to create unique shades and looks. Also, highly pigmented, the cream shades glide onto the lids for a long-lasting and no-budge look.

Suqqu Tone Touch Eyes in 114 Review Swatches
Suqqu Tone Touch Eyes in 115 Review Swatches
  • 114 FUYUAKARI (limited edition) – This Green/ blue color is enriched with polarised pearls. This shade of green/ blue is perfect for adding depth to your looks and works great with brown or pink bases.
  • 115 URUWASHICHA (limited edition) – This red/ brown color is also enriched with pearl powders, but this time, it is a fun blend of red and yellow pearls. The tone touch eyes reflect the natural light around you without looking glittery or too much.

The Suqqu Pure Color Blush in 144 and 145

Suqqu Pure Color Blush in 144 and 145 Review

The pure blush collection is an old favorite of mine, but Suqqu has released these two stunning limited edition colors. The blush itself has a satin-smooth texture that has fine-quality grain to it. Buildable and easy to work with, the blusher can be used together for a shimmering effect or separately for a more subtle look.

Suqqu Pure Color Blush in 144 Review Swatches
Suqqu Pure Color Blush in 145 Review Swatches
  • 144 HAYAZAKIIRO (limited edition) – This delicate rose/ pink powder blush brings the perfect rosy glow to your cheeks. The highlighter section is rich with rose-gold shimmer pigments, allowing you to achieve a flawless glow.
  • 145 BYOUTOU (limited edition) – This warmer Tone of blusher is a natural red/ brown tint. Perfect for medium to dark-skin carnations, it also comes with a dazzling beige-gold highlighter. Also, the highlighters in both blushers give off a sheen that almost appears humid to the eye. 
SUQQU 2023 Winter Makeup Collection Review Swatches

My Review

This year's winter collection gives elegant and natural-toned colours. I love the texture of the Tone touch eyeshadows and how easy they are to bend out. In addition, they also make an excellent base for powdered eyeshadows, gripping the pigments. As I mentioned, the Pure color blush is one of my go-to blushers. The powder is super fine, and they last a super long time. Overall, I love that Suqqu included the shimmering highlighters and how they can be built from casual to dramatic. Are you ready for the winter vibes to come?

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Where To Buy It?

SUQQU 2023 Winter Makeup Collection is available at:

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