Allies Of Skin 20% Vitamin C Brighten + Firm Serum Review

Allies Of Skin 20% Vitamin C Brighten + Firm Serum Review

We all know about the benefits of getting enough vitamin C into our diets. But did you know that also applying it topically can fight against a range of skin woes? Vitamin C is a dermatologist's favorite and can help fight many skin concerns. The concerns include such as acne, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and fine lines. It also provides great antioxidant protection and shields against free radical damage.

Allies Of Skin 35% Vitamin C+ Perfecting Serum

There are so many vitamin C-based products available now, and it can be hard to know which one to go with. Personally, I am a vitamin C novice (just a straightforward cleanse, tone, moisturize type of girl) and I didn’t know where to start. However, after doing some research, I decided to give Allies Of Skin 20% Vitamin C Brighten + Firm Serum a go.

As a brand, Allies of Skin champion the concept of targeting as many skin concerns as possible, without having to use too many products (which I liked the sound of!). They pride themselves on all of their products being multi-functional. So they are a good go-to if, like me, you want to keep your skincare routine simple, but still use powerful products.

Allies Of Skin 35% Vitamin C+ Perfecting Serum
Key Ingredients In Allies Of Skin 20% Vitamin C Brighten + Firm Serum

This particular serum contains several ingredients that all get to work on your skin at the same time. Ascorbic acid strengthens the skin barrier and helps with skin tone, while tetrahexyldecl ascorbate, a form of vitamin C, helps to brighten the complexion. It also contains glutathione, which aids in the reversal of premature aging. Also, superoxide dismutase calms any inflammation and tackles age spots and hyperpigmentation.

The difference between this vitamin C product and many others on the market is that this has a waterless formulation. But what difference does this make? Well, in simple terms, the ingredients in waterless formulations are less diluted and work more effectively on the skin than most other water-based formulations. Also, while most other products will only penetrate the top layer of the skin (the epidermis), this product is fine enough to seep through to the core of your skin (the dermis). Thus, delivering better and longer-lasting results.

Allies Of Skin 35% Vitamin C+ Perfecting Serum
My Review

Allies Of Skin 20% Vitamin C Brighten + Firm Serum is super simple to use. There is no fine art to it, I simply just apply a pea-sized amount onto my face and neck after cleansing. I use it morning and evening. The texture is super fine and my skin sucks it up almost instantly. That means there is no sticky residue left on my skin at all. Instantly, my skin feels softer, plumper, and more nourished. And I have seen a significant difference in the brightness of my skin since I’ve started using this. I’m even considering making it a permanent staple in my very basic skincare routine!


  • Make sure to use this product in the morning before applying your SPF as it’ll help maximise its efficacy.
  • Use this around your eye contours for an instant boost of brightness.
  • Make sure you apply this before – not after- your moisturiser, as it wont penetrate skin as well.
Where To Buy Allies Of Skin Products?

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