Augustinus Bader Foaming Cleanser Review

Augustinus Bader Foaming Cleanser Review

Whether morning or night, having clean skin will give you the best starting point for healthy skin. After recently discovering the Augustinus Bader skincare, I just had to share my skin cleansing experience.

The Foaming Cleanser

Augustinus Bader Foaming Cleanser Review

What makes this cleanser stand out from the rest? Put aside its excellent dirt and impurity-capturing properties, the creamy cleanser also helps improve skin tone and texture. The cream transforms into a rich lather, helping to purify the skin by regulating sebum production and unclogging pores. Suitable for normal to oily skin, its concentrated formula strengthens the skin moisture barrier, helping reduce signs of aging and degradation.

What's inside?

Augustinus Bader Foaming Cleanser Review

Inside the creamy texture, you will find potent plant extracts and sustainably sourced pure actives. 

  • TFC8® technology is exclusive to the brand and contains 40 ingredients. This unique blend creates an optimal environment for the skin and, over time, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, redness, hyperpigmentation, and damage from environmental aggressors.
  • Langsat leaf extract: Brings harmony to the formula and unifies the multiple actions of the product.
  • Broom extract: Holds highly regenerating properties.

How To Use It?

The foaming cleanser is a daily face wash used in the morning and evening to prepare and purify your skin for the day. Take a small quantity and work it onto a humid skin surface. The cream will change to foam and can be rinsed off in a few minutes.

Augustinus Bader Foaming Cleanser Review

My Experience

It was my first time trying this luxury face cleanser, and I instantly fell in love with the silk texture and rich foam. I used it for over two weeks, and my skin was immediately softer and brighter. I recommend the foaming cleanser to those who enjoy a rich foam and even for double cleansing. My skin did not feel dry or stripped after rinsing the product, and I saw a vast improvement in skin texture and significantly refined pores. 

Do I Need To Cleanse My Skin Every Day?

It's important to understand just how our skin works. Daily, the skin releases multiple elements, such as sebum, water, and toxins. Added to this are external elements such as dirt, pollution, and makeup. So, starting fresh each day is a must!

Where To Buy It?

Augustinus Bader Foaming Cleanser is available at:

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