Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser Review

Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser Review

Auteur is a German-born luxury brand that believes in elevating skincare to an art form with their products so that the deepest authentic beauty comes to the surface. In general, an auteur is an artist, usually a film director, who has an individual style and artistic control over all elements of a production. And that gives a film its personal and unique stamp. So, in the context of Auteur – a skincare brand, the skincare products deliver highly active formulations to bring skin to optimal health. I am currently using my first product from the range, Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser.

Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser Review
Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser Review

Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser comes in a seven-sided recyclable glass vessel. That symbolizes perfection and luck. The color of the bottle symbolizes new beginnings and energy. The tortoiseshell patterned caps add a fun layer of surprise to unboxing. Also, the bright amber carton is such a beautiful and unique color and presentation. The bottle looks more like a piece of decor. It really makes me do an effort to keep it in front of my skincare shelf.

What Is Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser?

Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser is an exfoliating and treatment cleanser. It helps improve the skin's radiance and texture while enhancing the skin's protective mechanism. This is an interesting blend of high-performing ingredients to gently exfoliate, tighten the pores, brighten the skin, and help with the problem areas.

Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser Review

Below are the key ingredients in this formulation:

  • Auteur's Vitamin C Compound. It is a potent combination of Acsorbic Acid and Ascorbyl Glucoside that work on multiple levels and layers on the skin. They help fade the dark spots, age spots as well as pigmentation. Also, it helps boost collagen production for bright and even skin.
  • Niacinamide. It helps to dimish pigmentation and prevent future formation of it. It strengthens skin's lipid barrier while refining pores and minimizing areas like wrinkles and fine lines. My skin loves this ingredient.
  • Ectoin. It is a natural amino-acid molecule that protects the skin from environmental stressors. Also, it protects from inflammation while maintaining hydration.
  • Zymo Lift MD. These intelligent enzymes helps refine skin's texture.
Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser Review
My Thoughts On Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser

I have been using Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser for over a month now. I love using it as my first cleanser in the morning. It gently exfoliates my skin and I can instantly see the radiance and clarity. It has a refined powder texture that exfoliates gently while cleansing the skin. I gently tilted the bottle twice or thrice on the palm of my hand. Almost a quarter-size amount of it works for me. Then I add a few drops of water to emulsify it and then massage it on my damp skin. It spreads nicely and feels good on the skin, not harsh at all. There is a light foam it creates on the skin. After massaging for a few moments, I leave it on for 30 seconds to a minute before rinsing my skin. It acts as a cleanser as well as a treatment. For evenings when I am wearing makeup or sunscreen, I use it as a second cleanser.

Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser Review
Auteur Skincare Review

As mentioned, I instantly see my skin is radiant and clear. There is no residue on the skin. Skin feels comfortable and clean. There is no dryness or irritation. I feel the difference in the pore size as well as the tone of my skin. My skin is radiant and the texture of it has improved. I follow up with other products in my routine. I am happy to have tried this cleanser and am already in love with it. Auteur Definitive Enzyme Cleanser performs very well and I am very happy with the results. This gentle exfoliation every day makes skin simply a good base for any skincare products or makeup on top of it.

Where To Buy Auteur?

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