Beauty Heroes Box December Discovery Featuring Blüh Alchemy Review

Beauty Heroes Box December Discovery Featuring Blüh Alchemy Review

In December 2023, the Beauty Heroes box offers you a deep and nourishing self-care moment with not two but three full-size products! The monthly beauty subscription box includes two new and exclusive product launches from Blüh Alchemy.

Who is Bluh Alchemy?

Beauty Heroes Blüh Alchemy Review

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This clean and green beauty skincare brand is taking your health care to new limits. Offering organic and advanced formulas to nourish your skin back to its best self, the brand has just dropped two new products.

The December Beauty Heroes box.

We have found the perfect holiday gift for you or your loved ones! The December edition invites you to take time and indulge your body in a moving meditation. It contains three products:

  • The full body Dry Brush.
  • The Phyto-Enzyme Body Polish.
  • The Active Relief Body Oil. 
Blüh Alchemy Slkincare Review

The December beauty heroes box has a global value of $ 161$, and stock is limited! So, let's dive deeper into the products and what they do:

Hero product: Blüh Alchemy Active Relief Body Oil
Blüh Alchemy Active Relief Body Oil Review

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This Winter, keep your skin hydrated and smooth with this Skin-enveloping, stress-relieving body oil. Enriched with a blend of Copaiba resin, Hinoki, Arnica, Balsam, and Holy basil, this nourishing body oil is the solution to dry and stressed skin. The skincare actives lower the body and mind into a sense of calm while nourishing the skin with Fatty acids, phytoceramides, and antioxidants. Ideal for everyday use, the skin is wrapped in a protective layer and strengthened for the cooler seasons.

Sidekick #1: Blüh Alchemy Phyto-Enzyme Body Polish
Blüh Alchemy Phyto-Enzyme Body Polish Review

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 No skincare routine is complete without an exfoliant, which applies to body care. Bluh Alchemy has just released this active body scrub that stimulates circulation and detoxifies the skin by promoting lymphatic drainage.

Blüh Alchemy Phyto-Enzyme Body Polish Review

As you exfoliate, the organic sugar scrub melts into a creamy, whipped lather. The formula uses a powerful and refreshing fresh ginger root to help target cellulite and improve skin texture. It doesn't stop there; you will also infuse your skin with Crimson-red buriti oil, Guarana, Kakadu plum, Pumpkin, and Papaya! The Phyto-enzyme body polish is a skin booster that promotes cell turnover for brighter, tighter skin.

Sidekick #2: Blüh Alchemy Body Brush
Blüh Alchemy Body Brush Review

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Bluh Alchemy's body brush uses natural and sustainably sourced fibers for priming the skin. The action of dry brushing is intended to encourage blood circulation and inspire lymph to flow. This results in brighter skin and an even skin tone. This technique is also a great way to release any excess dead skin cells!

Blüh Alchemy Body Brush Review

My Review

 I was lucky enough to get my hands on these brand-new products and love the textures and scents Bluh has used. This trio is the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, making body care simple and unique. My skin immediately absorbed the oil, and I didn't experience any greasy or sticky sensations. Therefore I recommend this to people of all ages looking to keep their skin from drying out during the cooler periods. It was my first time dry brushing, and I loved the sensation. It's a relaxing moment for me, myself and I.

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Where To Buy It?

Beauty Heroes Box December Discovery Featuring Blüh Alchemy is available at:

Use code VELVET15 for 15% off

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