Best Face Mists For Healthy Glow

Best Face Mists For Healthy Glow

Like skincare products, face mists are formulated for specific purposes. They help to soothe skin, set makeup, nourish skin, tighten pores, and give you a healthy-looking glow. A face mist is one of those products that is the most used among the skincare products. It not only acts as the second step in the skincare routine after cleansing but also freshens up the complexion and for relaxation. So, it is very important to choose the one that is beneficial to the skin and overall wellbeing. We have shortlisted our favourites below:

1. Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist
Omorovicza Face Mist Review

Inspired by the Queen of Hungary water perfume, this mist is refreshing and perfect for hot summer days. It has a beautiful subtle smell of rose and neroli. I also use it as a toner after cleansing my face and it helps in getting rid of any greasiness on my face after I spray it during the day.

The key benefits of the mist are

  • Maintains the pH balance in the skin.
  • Makes skin look fresh and radiant.
  • Boosts confidence.
2. Sisley Botanical Floral Spray Mist
Sisley Face Mist Review

The floral mist is curated to provide you with instant relaxation. It can be used at any time of the day to refresh the skin and keep it hydrated. It has rose and cornflower which provide immediate relief to the skin from the stress and pollution of the day. The witch hazel and orange blossoms help tone the skin and keep the makeup set for a longer duration. It is one of the best face mists and my go-to for home and travel.

The key benefits of the mist are:

  • Immediate relaxation.
  • Moisturize the skin.
  • Fix the makeup.
  • Hydrating and revitalizing.
3. Valmont Priming Hydrating Fluid
Valmont Face Mist Review

This mist is amazing as it can be used as a part of your skincare as well as makeup routine. I always carry it with me in my bag and just spray it on my face whenever I want to look fresh. It sets my makeup and moisturizes my skin as well. This mist consists of witch hazel that soothes my skin and the aloe vera keeps my skin hydrated. It can be used as a toner, makeup fixed and a face mist.

The key benefits of this mist are:

  • Removes dead cells from the skin.
  • Provides hydration.
  • Makes skin soft and supple.
  • Leaves skin radiant.
4. ReVive Vitalité Energizing Hydration Mist
ReVive Face Mist Review

This mist is rich in antioxidants which revitalize the skin when applied. It also has algae extracts, ATP and minerals that provide the skin with energy making it look lively and radiant. Ingredients like aloe and cucumber provide the skin with the necessary hydration and freshen it up.

The key benefits of this mist are:

  • Energized skin.
  • Healthy looking skin.
  • Nourishment to the skin.
  • Keeps skin hydrated and soft.
5. Biologique Recherche L’Eauxygénante
Biologique Recherche Face Mist Review

With the unique anti-pollution complex, this mist is also rich in vitamins A and C. The oxygenating complex provides a certain glow to the skin and takes care of the makeup as well. The antioxidant element is the edelweiss extract, eliminating any free radicals present in the skin. It is one of the best face mists I have tried overall.

The key benefits of this mist are:

  • Anti-pollution complex.
  • Helps in keeping the makeup in place.
  • Provides skin with vitamins.
  • Leaves skin hydrated and glowing.
6. Osea Sea Minerals Mist
Osea Face Mist Review

Rich in nutrients derived from seaweeds, the Osea Sea mineral mist is a refreshing formula for the skin. I use it whenever I cleanse my face and it gets rid of any dryness leaving me hydrated. I have used it over my makeup, and it's amazing how well it sets up my makeup after application. It is rich in minerals and refreshing.

The key benefits of the mist  are:

  • Nutrients from seaweeds.
  • Tones the skin.
  • Leaves skin soft.
  • Calms the skin.
7. Caudalie Beauty Elixir
Caudalie Face Mist Review

Unlike other mists, this one has a special quality of enhancing completion. With ingredients like rose essential oil, green grape and rosemary essential oil, this mist boosts hydration in the skin. It can be used as a toner in the morning and as a makeup remover at the end of the day. It's suitable to be used after shaving and as a post-workout refreshment.

The key benefits of this mist are:

  • Hydrates the skin.
  • Tightens pores and evens out the complexion.
  • Keeps the make-up set for a longer duration.
  • Relieves stress from the skin.
8. Guerlain Parure Gold Mist
Guerlain Face Mist Review

It provides a protective barrier for the skin from pollution and keeps the skin calm all day long. This mist is best used as a setting spray for make-up as it makes the skin flawless and smooth. It also provides moisture to the skin and makes it supple. Definitely, one of the best face mists I have tried.

The key benefits of the mist are:

  • As a makeup setting spray.
  • Moisturizing the skin.
  • Protection from pollution.
  • Flawless complexion.
9. Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence
Tata Harper Face Mist Review

If you suffer from dryness of the skin, this mist is the best for you. It consists of hyaluronic acid which provides the necessary hydration to the skin keeping it soft and supple. The citric acid and beetroot extract even out the complexion while the Kangaroo Paw flower gets rid of the wrinkly texture.

The key benefits of the mist are:

  • Boosting moisture in the skin.
  • Providing hydration.
  • Smoothing skin texture.
  • Setting the make-up.
10. Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist
Tatcha Face Mist Review

With the silky texture, this mist can provide you with an instant glow whenever applied to the skin. It is rich in botanical oils, hyaluronic acid and Okinawa red algae which are very beneficial for the skin. It is one of the best face mists I have tried for an instant glow. There are no synthetic fragrances used in the manufacturing process for this most.

The key benefits are:

  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Eradicates signs of premature ageing.
  • Has great coverage.
  • Provides moisture and hydration to the skin.

Do you spot your favourite or the one that catches your eye?

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