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Tatcha Skincare Review

Tatcha Skincare Review & Routine

Tatcha uses a balance of Japanese botanicals and proven clinical ingredients to formulate her products. Inspired by the founder's skincare journey, the brand is based in Tokyo. The brand is about more than having beautiful skin. It helps you to...

Best Face Mist Review

Best Face Mists For Healthy Glow

Like skincare products, face mists are formulated for specific purposes. They help to soothe skin, set makeup, nourish skin, tighten pores, and give you a healthy-looking glow. A face mist is one of those products that is the most used among...

My Sephora Haul - April 2018

My Sephora Haul – April 2018

Okay guys, as asked by many of you about what I bought from the spring Sephora sale and promotions, I have the roundup of my haul below. I have purchased some new products and some products are repurchases. I usually stock up on my favorite body...

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