Tatcha Skincare Review & Routine

Tatcha Skincare Review & Routine

Tatcha uses a balance of Japanese botanicals and proven clinical ingredients to formulate her products. Inspired by the founder's skincare journey, the brand is based in Tokyo. The brand is about more than having beautiful skin. It helps you to embrace the journey and your uniqueness. Today I am sharing my three-step routine for happy and healthy skin.

Tatcha Skincare Review & Routine
The Deep Cleanser
Tatcha Skincare Deep Cleanser Review

Hygiene is vital to all healthy things, and this face wash offers perfect results each time. From gel to a rich, creamy lather, this Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser works wonders on your skin. Using natural luffa fruit and wild rose, the extra fluffy foam captures dirt whilst helping to minimize excess oil and unclog pores.

Tatcha Deep Cleanser Review

It targets dilated pores and excess sebum and is ideal for oily and uneven skin types. Although it offers a deep cleanse, it leaves your skin comfortable and hydrated.

The Essence
Tatcha Skincare The Essence Review

Yes, you heard correctly! Now that your skin is clean start your skin-boosting treatment. Like most brands, Tatcha has its exclusive elixir to awaken, Resurface, soften, and plump 100% Hadasei-3 % of your skin's potential. Using a trio of fermented Japanese superfoods: rice, algae and green tea, this fluid targets dry and dull skin signs. The three main actives are easily found in the Japanese diet and help strengthen the skin barrier and prevent premature ageing.

Tatcha Skincare Review
How to Keep My Skin Hydrated For Longer?

Our skin is constantly releasing and collecting water. Preserving this balance of in and out is the key to hydration. The first step would be to increase your water intake by drinking a good amount daily. If you feel like your skin needs a helping hand, adding hydrating products to your routine can help rebalance and ease discomfort. Using hyaluronic acid products is also a good option, as this actively locks in moisture.

The Water Cream
Tatcha Skincare The Water Cream Review

As the name mentions, this cream is a burst of hydration for your skin. Suitable for mixed to oily skin types, this lightweight, extra-refreshing texture refines pores whilst restoring hydration levels. The hydrating actives burst upon contact with the skin releasing a mix of wild rose and leopard lily. Skin gets smoother by the day and benefits from prevention against ageing. This cream contains Hadasei-3™: Keeping our skin hydrated & balanced.

Tatcha The Water Cream Review
Tatcha Skincare The Water Cream Review
My Review

If you are looking for a simple routine that leaves out all of the “fancy” techniques, then Tatcha is for you. I adore this three-step routine. I do this in the morning and the evening, and I have seen great results. My skin has been much softer and more comfortable since I started this routine. The textures are delightful, and they all smell beautiful. I recommend this to those who have mixed to oily skin types and are looking to restore hydration. It also makes a great first cream for all ages!
The packaging is also a big plus in this brand. Using a camaieu of white to blue shades, their products look the part in the bathroom.

Where To Buy It?

Tatcha Skincare is available at:

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