BioEffect Volcanic Exfoliator Review

BioEffect Volcanic Exfoliator Review

This triple exfoliating gel/ cream is the perfect way to refresh your skin and smooth out irregular skin texture. Bio-effect sets the level high as one of the cleanest, greenest skincare brands. (check out the recent article about BioEffect 30-Day Age-Defying Treatment Serum here)

BioEffect Volcanic Exfoliator Review

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The Volcanic Exfoliator

The bio-effect volcanic face scrub's star ingredient is micro-crystalline volcanic lava from Iceland. Purifying and highly pure, this exfoliant wipes away excess build-up of dead skin and impurities. The facial exfoliator helps unclog pores and refine the skin's surface alongside other actives. With an extra-light gel-to-cream texture, the non-drying face scrub will enhance your natural radiance while boosting the actions of your other products.

What's Inside?

Key ingredients in Volcanic Exfoliator are:

  • Micro-Crystalline Lava: The exfoliating particles found in the mask are made of micro-crystalline volcanic lava from Iceland. This helps to buff away excess dry and dead skin.
  • Ground Apricot Seeds: Often used in face scrubs, this plant-based ingredient refines skin texture and has deeply moisturizing actions.
  • Sunflower Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids, this plant-based oil maintains the skin's natural moisture barrier as well as prevents water loss.
  • Lastly, Azelaic Acid: This gentle exfoliant helps to unclog pores and is suitable for acne skin types.
BioEffect Volcanic Exfoliator Review

Pure, Green, And Clean

Bio-effect prides itself on being one of the purest skincare brands out there. Here are a few reasons their products are rated top:

  • They use the purest water from Iceland.
  • They use a LOT of plant-based ingredients.
  • Their products use only the essential ingredients, very few.
  • 0% alcohol.
  • Lastly, they recycle the most products and packaging possible.
BioEffect Volcanic Exfoliator Review

My Review

As a lover of good facial exfoliators, I was excited to discover this well-known exfoliator. I used the product twice a week for over three weeks, and my skin improved a lot! The face scrub has a non-drying action that brightens and smooths the skin. Over time, my pores are tighter, and my overall texture is even. In addition, I love how this exfoliant buffs and prepares the skin for your skincare routine. Also, the gel texture transforms into a cream after contact with water; this makes the whole experience unique. Out of all the face scrubs I have tried, this one beats them all by far!

Where To Buy It?

BioEffect Volcanic Exfoliator is available at:

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