Biologique Recherche L’Eauxygénante Review

Biologique Recherche L’Eauxygénante Review

Skincare infused, the moisturising mist

Skincare is critical in keeping your skin moisturized as the days get warmer. If you love face mists, this gem from Biologique Recherche is a must. So without further, a due let's have a look.

Biologique Recherche L'Eauxygénante Review
The L'Eauxygénante

This profoundly moisturizing spray is gold if you want a product to keep your hydration levels up during the day. Lightweight and airy, the mist sets a layer of skincare actives on the skin's surface. Inside this brume lies a potent anti-pollution complex making it ideal for those city lovers. With so many ways to use this brume, I loved to apply it before and after my makeup for a longer hold.

Biologique Recherche L'Eauxygénante Review
What's Inside?

The mist is rich in Vitamins A and C, found in the heart of orange and kiwi cells. This gives a toning action to the product.

You will also find edelweiss extract, which combats free radicals and cucumber for a refreshing sensation. Like all Biologique Recherche products, the spray contains the Oxygenating Complex.

How to use it?

Biologique Recherche L'Eauxygénante is a skincare-infused face mist that can be used in so many different ways, but here are my top three favourites:

  • Before applying my skincare products, this helps the other products penetrate faster as the skin absorbs the mist.
  • After my makeup, this will add hours to your makeup and refresh your look during the day.
  • Mixed with my foundation. I love to spray my beauty blender with the mist while applying my foundation. It leaves a flawless finish!
Biologique Recherche L'Eauxygénante Review
My Review

I love facial mists in the summertime—easy to use and on-the-go moisture. The formula applies well over and under other products and is suitable for every skin type except sensitive ones. Its lightweight metal bottle keeps the product cool. I work in an office, so Biologique Recherche L'Eauxygénante spray helps awaken my senses and skin during my work days.

I recommend Biologique Recherche if you are looking for a hydrating face mist. My skin feels much softer and more comfortable since I use it. The formula is also based on skin care, which gives visible results.

Where To Buy It?

Biologique Recherche L'Eauxygénante is available at:

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