Brad Pitt’s Skincare – Le Domaine Fluid Cream Review

Brad Pitt’s Skincare – Le Domaine Fluid Cream Review

Bringing French expertise to your skincare routine. This deeply hydrating day cream, Le Domaine's Natural Moisturizing Fluid Cream, is the perfect way to quench thirsty skin!

Le Domaine Fluid Cream Review
The Lightweight Moisturizing Cream

The fluid cream is a super lightweight and fast-absorbing moisturizer. Helping to restore moisture levels within the skin, it also smoothes and unifies skin textures. The fluid consistency is ideal for all skin types and has a nonsticky texture perfect for under makeup. When used regularly, the 96,68% naturally sourced ingredients soothe and intensely nourish the skin. The cream bottle has a beautiful oak cap. Crafted by hand in the French mountains, the Essential Collection fluid moisturizer also includes plastic caps for your travels.

Le Domaine Fluid Cream Review
The Benefits

Below are the key benefits of Le Domaine Fluid Cream:

  • Global anti-aging action: anti-wrinkle, fine lines, firmness.
  • Deeply moisturizes the skin all day long.
  • Highly revitalizing.
  • Also, it makes skin appear smoother and radiant, reducing dullness.
  • Lastly, It unifies the complexion.
Le Domaine Fluid Cream Review
What's Inside?

Le Domaine Fluid Cream is composed of mostly naturally sourced ingredients:

  • Organic Grape Water: The base of the fluid cream is obtained from organic farming. Also, it has amazing soothing and moisturizing properties.
  • Niacinamide: Also known as Vitamin B3, this antioxidant helps to unify and boost anti-aging actions.
  • Ayurvedic plant extract: Made from a combination of green chirette, this formula revitalizes and has visible anti-tiredness and anti-aging properties.

Le Domaine has included two exclusive skin technologies along with nature's goodness.

  1. GSM10®: After more than ten years of research on the Perrin Family grape marcs. This formula made its way to Le Domaine's skincare products. GSM10® holds antioxidant and anti-aging properties. It also helps to restore balance to the skin and boosts defenses.
  2. ProGR3®: Inspired by research on the rare genetic disease progeria that causes accelerated aging of children. Researchers have identified the mechanisms involved in progeria and have transformed that process into a powerful skincare active, the ProGr3®. The formula can deliver targeted and decisive anti-aging actions by reducing toxicity within specific skin cells.
What Are Naturally Sourced Ingredients?

Do you know the difference between 100% natural and naturally sourced ingredients? Naturally sourced ingredients are actives that have mostly stayed the same as their 100% natural form. This means that part of the ingredient is removed or modified to fit the required use. Le Domaine uses naturally sourced ingredients inside its products and has no black-listed ingredients.

Le Domaine Fluid Cream Review
My Review

Le Domaine Fluid Cream is a pure delight to use. If you are a fan of light textures such as the “moisture surge” from Clinique or any gel-creme textures, this is a MUST.

Le Domaine's fluid cream absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving no sticky feeling. I love to use this as a base for my foundation or alone for a healthy, smooth look. For those with a dryer skin type, you can combine it with a hydrating serum for that extra-hydrating touch. My skin looks much smoother, and I love that it has anti-aging prevention inside of it.

Where To Buy It?

Le Domaine Fluid Cream is available at:

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