Calecim Professional Pigment Solution Review

Calecim Professional Pigment Solution Review

Calecim Professional is based on skin regeneration technology. Their scientists have derived the active proteins from the stem cells of the cord and demonstrated their effects on the skin and hair. This revolutionary technology and various exclusive ingredients create products to provide unmatchable customer results.

Calecim Professional Pigment Solution Review

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The Pigment Solution

A corrective formula to eliminate uneven skin tone and pigmentation while preventing any future pigmentation.

Key ingredients

  • Umbilical cord lining stem cells promote growth factors of the skin. This increases the elasticity and makes the skin firmer.
  • Glutathione and Tranexamic acid are the two novel ingredients present in the serum. They act on the biological mechanisms which cause pigmentation and inhibit them from acting.
Calecim Professional Pigment Solution Review


  • Improve the defensive capability of the skin against inflammation, reducing pigmentation.
  • Decrease the activity of Tyrosinase which is a catalyst for melanin.
  • Increases the regenerating and repairing capabilities of the skin.
  • Block the transfer of melanin.
  • Decrease the number of free radicals.
  • Lastly, it increases the body’s ability to get rid of melanin.
Calecim Professional Pigment Solution Review
My Experience

I have used sunscreen since my teenage days and am in my late twenties. Besides being an important part of skincare, I have extremely sensitive skin, which gets pigmented easily on exposure to the sun. I reapply sunscreen multiple times a day but still get some pigmentation.

I used this serum daily for over a month. Within that short time frame, I could see that my dark spots had lightened. It's been almost two months, clearing my pigmentation and the milia on my face. It also reduced the redness on my skin because of the sunburn. After I started using this, I felt my skin was less prone to pigmentation.

My skin looks clear, and the texture improved significantly. I use it every night and wake up to healthy, glowing, fresh-looking skin in the morning.

Where To Buy It?

Calecim Professional Pigment Solution is available at:

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