Calecim Professional Serum Review

Calecim Professional Serum Review

The deep healing Professional Serum from Calecim – Post-treatment serum or skincare booster?

Are you looking to boost your skin healing capacity? Whether you are post-skin treatment or want an extra push in your routine, this serum will help restore your skin to its best version.

Calecim Professional Serum Review

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The Professional Serum

When it comes to skin reparation, Calecim has all the answers. Their uniquely formulated serum is highly concentrated in “stem cell-derived ” growth factors and proteins.

Designed to promote skin cell renewal, the serum is physiologically balanced. Calecim recommends using this serum after clinical procedures or boosting your at-home routine. The light and fast-absorbing serum penetrates deep into the skin, reducing procedure downtime and discomfort. Also, it accelerates the skin's natural recovery period and enhances soothing and visibly calmer skin. Each ampoule contains 5ml of concentrated serum and ten pipettes of product.

How Does The Skin Repair Itself?

If you are wondering how your skin repairs itself, then keep reading.

Skin recovery starts with stem cell stimulation responsible for the reparation and regeneration of the skin. It sends vital messages that trigger multiple cellular actions to decrease skin sensitivity and irritation. Once received, the skin visibly improves, and density and resilience are boosted. This is essential for smooth and proper healing. Moreover, the serum works well for post-operative laser skin care.

Calecim Professional Serum Review
Calecim Professional Serum Review
What's inside the Professional serum?

The main activity of this serum is the Cord Lining Conditioned Media. It has a blend of skincare actives: Stem cell-derived Fibronectins, Glycoproteins, Albumin, collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid. Working in harmony, these active ingredients restore moisture, elasticity, and density to the skin.

Why Is The Serum Pink?

Apart from looking amazingly cute, there is a reason for the pink tint of the serum.

The professional serum uses a pH indicator allowing you to monitor the state of the active growth factors and proteins inside the formula.

The serum can range in color, which reflects the acidity level.

  • From light/dark pink to orange: The pH level is acceptable, and it is ok to use the product,
  • Yellow or cloudy: Not to use the product if it presents this colour or a cloudy consistency.
Calecim Professional Serum Review
My Experience

It was my first time using Calecim's products, and I was excited to see the results.

I added this serum to my regular skincare routine as my skin was tired and needed something extra to pick it up.

I applied the serum under my regular moisturizer and felt a difference within 20 minutes of wearing it. My skin feels much more comfortable and looks way brighter than before using this product. In addition, it helps to reduce redness and discomfort and makes my skin much stronger.

The serum has a gentle scent on application, but it quickly fades when absorbed. I recommend this to anyone recovering from skin treatments or suffering from discomfort from irritations are sensitivity. Also, the serum goes a long way and is worth the pricey investment.

Where To Buy It?

Calecim Professional Serum is available at:

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